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Discord Fast Food avatar

Discord Fast Food

By DetectiveHuman#1234

Discord Fast Food strives to be as realistic as possible by delivering your orders straight to your door (aka server). We try to make your experience as real as possible.

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By Kodehawa#3457

Action commands. pat, hug, cuddle, etc. Around 30 different actions.

MagiBot avatar


By T0TProduction#0001

you can roll dice for DnD and stuff

Roleplayer avatar


By Spider#5879

My main purpose is to augment and improve roleplays on discord.

Randomer avatar


By wwww#0520

Has a lot of roleplay commands like - hug/kiss/tickle/slap etc.

DiscordTel avatar


By The Double-Eyed Bus#6889

Telephone roleplaying is fun!

Abayro 🌟 avatar

Abayro 🌟

By NourEldien#8007

RolePlay Commands avatar

By ryden#3621

The are some commands like "oxhug" which can be used. Many others will also soon be added

Pikacord avatar


By Arkarceus#2297

you can chat and roleplay

owopup avatar


By Skullbite#5245

owopup has action commands that could assist in a roleplaying situation

Alice avatar


By Dastamn#5810

Roleplay commands ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fox avatar


By Akemi#2314

RP action commands, such as, !pat, !cuddle, !lick, !slap etc etc...

Catherine avatar


By Papa Joker#1543

I currently have 31 (not hidden) RP commands with over 8,000 gifs across them and forever expanding!

DisWorld avatar


By IPv4#0001

A Discord guild ambient life simulation!

Mini Me avatar

Mini Me

By RailRunner16#1174

It has anime image roleplay, provided by

Aru avatar


By AdrianTodt#0722

Action Commands, Dice Rolling, Coin Flipping

Karu avatar


By BulzyKrown#9999

hug kiss kill slap....

Granz avatar


By 『Geop』#4066

It has many roleplay commands like --kiss, --hug, --pat etc.

Pizza Porter 🍕 avatar

Pizza Porter 🍕

By Billy#3584

Workers join the server pretending to be a delivery person, we have 'chef' etc