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Mewbot avatar


By Dylee#6666

With Mewbot, you can duel others for credits, exp, you can even organize tournaments with Mewbot!

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By Pete#0006

Deadpool has lots of games such as quiz , slots, roulette , rock paper , scissors and others..

Mantaro avatar


By Kodehawa#3457

Trivia, anime and pokemon games.

Noémie avatar


By Samuel || TutoRapide#1868


EasyFortniteStats avatar


By Luc1412#0897

It's a Utility for Fortnite.

Slav Bot avatar

Slav Bot

By MerriemWeebster#2653

Slav Bot also has a few games that you can play, such as Russian Roulette or Tic-Tac-Toe

Marcus avatar


By Marc#7377

Marcus has built in games such as slots where users can use their currency to gamble away. The amount of games on Marcus will be increased as v5 rolls out.

Crafty avatar


By Tj#0215

This bot has commands for everything Minecraft related.

PenguBot avatar


By AdityaTD#5346

Slots, Rock Paper Scissors, and Game Statistics commands such as osu!, Fortnite and more!

BeepBot avatar


By WHASonYT#0735

Rock Paper Scissors!

HQ Trivia avatar

HQ Trivia

By Chew#0001

The bot is about the game.

Shadbot avatar


By Shadorc#8423

Musics, useful, admin & fun commands, mini-games, game stats and more !

Xan avatar


By Like#0001

The bot has commands to check stats on Overwatch and more games soon

Rock Puppy avatar

Rock Puppy

By Ryan#5872

It has Would You Rather, Truth or Dare and more.

Gearz avatar


By Santosh#2138

Connect4, Akinator and few other in-discord games. as well as game stats for other games like clash royale, minecraft and few more coming soon.

Mardatonne avatar


By yagizhan49#8883

We have CS:GO, osu! commands and more in-bot games!

PikaGirl avatar


By PikaDude#0001

Has a full idle game that users can play to earn coins and more.

Cafe avatar


By Kirb#0001

It is a clicker/incremental game bot

Casino Bot avatar

Casino Bot

By FireGamer3#0001

A fully featured Discord Casino! With a fully featured economy, blackjack, slots, marketplace, crates, and more!

Abayro 🌟 avatar

Abayro 🌟

By NourEldien#8007

6 Different types of games

Pikacord avatar


By Arun Kapil (Pikacord)#2297

Lots of games

✘ Fun avatar

✘ Fun

By - ๐✘💀ʑɛrơ💀✘๐ -#0666

This bot has mini-games that you can play thru discord when you're bored.

blargbot avatar


By stupid cat#8160

While blargbot does not have any games on its own, there are many games implemented as public tags with the BBTag system. For example, try out "b!t hangman"!

Fox avatar


By Akemi#2314

!osu recent, !osus (osu standard stats), !csgo (csgo stats) etc etc...

[--] CatManiaBot ❤ avatar

[--] CatManiaBot ❤

By callumok2004#8093

Many Fun commands, That have game like feelings! Some of which are: Slots Cowsay joke and more!

Luki avatar


By MrSheldon#0001

Game Statics Module

Dice avatar


By PizzaFox#0075

A general purpose utility bot, with an economy, video game stats, moderation tools, and lots of other features.

Rocket League Stats avatar

Rocket League Stats

By Waba#8929

It allows users to get stats from a game

Minecraft avatar


By Builderb#0001

Minecraft bot is packed full of commands and utilities based around Minecraft including server ping and name history

NabBot avatar


By Galarzaa#8515

NabBot is based around the online RPG Tibia and is able to get game information.