Bots on Discord - Bot API Docs

Getting Started

To use the bot API you first need an API key. To get one go to your user page and scroll down to the "API Keys" section. This key goes in the Authorization header of all API requests.

Bots should send all API requests to with authentication. Ratelimits are used in all routes and appear in response headers.

If a request fails it will have a message field in the response body explaining the problem.

Guild Counts

Allows you to update a bot's guild count.

Endpoint: POST /bots/:id/guilds
Ratelimit: 1req / 2min / bot

Sample request:

Authorization: b1c678e8b0a346efe45e97c12b28f074
Content-Type: application/json

	"guildCount": 54783

Returns: 204 No Content

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