Martine is a multifunction bot, that can play high quality music, do moderation things, have fun commands, send random images, and many many more !

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Some fun, music, images, and many more commands !

Prefix: "," or "mart " (Can be changed)

Type ,help for have all commands of the bot ! 😃

Music commands (,help music):

• ,play <url_or_search> or ,pl <url_or_search> : Play a URL or Search for a track on YouTube.

(URL : YouTube, Soundcloud, mp3 streams, and Spotify) (Spotify is slower when adding playlist, but it works, no worries it will be improved in the future)

• ,skip or ,sk : Skip to next track.

• ,previous or ,prev : Play the previous track.

• ,pause or ,pa : Pause the track.

• ,resume or ,res : Resume a track paused.

• ,stop or ,st : Stop the player, and disconnect.

• ,shuffle or ,sh : Toggle shuffling.

• ,repeat or ,rep : Toggle repeat.

• ,now or ,np : Show the track playing now.

And more in the ,help music command !

Moderation commands : ,help mod

General commands (,help general):

• ,trivia : Start Trivia session.

• ,weather : Display weather of a given location.

• ,twitch or ,youtube : Check if a Twitch or YouTube channel is live.

• ,bank : Manage your bank account.

• ,leaderboard : Show the global leaderboard.

• ,payday : Get some free currency between 50-120 marts.

• ,daily : Daily reward (500 marts) for upvote Martine.

• ,slot : Use the slot machine.

And more in the ,help general command !

NSFW commands (,help nsfw):

Only work in a NSFW channel !

• ,4k : Show 4k images.

• ,ass : Show random ass image.

• ,anal : Show random anal image.

• ,boobs : Show random boobs image.

• ,wild : Show random wild image.

• ,hentai : Show random hentai image.

• ,hentaigif : Show random hentai gif.

• ,lesbian : Show random lesbian image.

• ,porngif : Show random porn gif.

• ,pussy : Show random pussy image.

• ,thigh : Show random thigh image.

And more in the ,help nsfw command !

Images commands (,help images):

• ,cat : Send a random cat image.

• ,dog : Send a random dog image.

• ,shiba : Send a random shiba image.

• ,panda : Send a random panda image.

• ,birb : Send a random birb image.

• ,coffee : Send a random coffee image.

• ,duck : Send a random duck image.

• ,fox : Send a random fox image.

• ,lizard : Send a random lizard image.

• ,meme : Send a random meme image.

• ,pika or ,pikachu : Send a random Pikachu image.

And more in the ,help images command !

Utility commands (,help util):

• ,avatar : Show your avatar in a large size.

• ,emoji : Post a large size server emoji in chat.

• ,invitebot : Send the invitation link of Martine the BOT.

• ,upvote : Send the link for upvote Martine the BOT.

• ,prefix : Show all prefixes of Martine the BOT.

• ,support : Send a link of the support server of Martine the BOT.

Information commands (,help info):

• ,userinfo : Show your user informations.

• ,serverinfo : Show the informations of current server.

• ,info : Show info about Martine the BOT.

• ,dblstats : Show the stats of Martine on

• ,usagecount : Show the usage stats of Martine. (Messages received, commands processed etc…)

• ,stats : Show all the stats of Martine.

• ,ping : Show latency of Martine.

• ,uptime : Show how many time Martine is live.

Contact Predä - 梅丽莎。十四#1001 for support or join the support server

Fork of Red-DiscordBot v3. Link of the GitHub

Currently improving and add features.

More commands are coming soon !

Thanks to Red-DiscordBot for base of this nice bot, and all the help to create it.

Martine#4245. ♡
Artwork made by Babi.

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Predä - 梅丽莎。十四#1001

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Prefix: "," or "mart " but can be changed

Submitted: Jan 8, 2019 6:30 PM

Edited: Aug 14, 2019 9:46 AM

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