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Discord Fast Food

By DetectiveHuman#0767

Discord Fast Food is a roleplay delivery bot for Discord.

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By Rubikscraft#4079

Auto NSFW/porn, twitch/youtube notifier, reaction images, games, moderation, fun, wikipedia, reddit, cats and more!

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By Brussell#0660

Twitch notifications, airing anime notifications, music players, reminders, weather, MOTD, osu! commands, advanced message deletion, and more...

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By T0TProduction#0001

A community focused bot for gaming and other voice channel based servers. MagiBot includes unique commands like custom join sounds, a queue with optional muting for events like karaoke, salt reporting, and ranking.

Yin avatar


By dashwav#7785

Moderation specific bot, kick/ban, assignable roles, voice+text channels, auto invite deletion, welcome messages, mod-log, server-logging.

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By Tj#0215

A Discord bot that focuses on Minecraft. Crafty has commands such as skin rendering, server requests, hypixel player info, trivia and much more.

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By advaith#9121

A cool multipurpose bot with commands for fun, animals, searching, utility, text, info, moderation, urls, and emoji.

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Slav Bot

By MerriemWeebster#2653

The ultimate shitposting bot. A bot made for fun commands. Now with a Text-Based World War Game.

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Power Glove

By RCXcrafter#3845

Another random stuff bot, it draws molecular structures, it creates memes and you can talk to it.

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By Like#0001

A multiple purpose bot with commands that no other bots have!