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The only reason people can tolerate modding a large server

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By HcgRandon#0001

Ban, kick, modlog w/ more on the way

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By jet#9999

Moderation plugin w/ Automod.

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By Pete#1928

Deadpool has all the moderation commands wich you will need to protect your server :)

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By Brussell#0660

Mirai features some moderation commands. Most notable is the prune command, which allows deletion of messages according to specific filters.

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By Yukine#8080

Senpai includes basic moderation commands such as ban, softban, kick, purge.

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By Samuel || TutoRapide#1868

▸ ban ▸ hackban ▸ kick ▸ mute ▸ unmute

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Dank Memer

By Melmsie#0001

We have moderation, with a memey twist. While not our bot's main purpose, you're able to mostly stop using your server's mod bot in favor of us!

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By dashwav#7785

Focus on moderation alone

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By luke#0123

Infractions Logging, Timed Mutes & Bans, Warns

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By Builderb#0001

Fully functional mod commands ban/kick/mute with audit log support. Dehoist users or setup nsfw link blocking.

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By Marc#7377

Marcus features many moderation commands to ensure server moderators are well equipped to deal with any threats to the server. Handing out permissions with the bot is easy, and the bot has the ability to automatically moderate servers.

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Slav Bot

By MerriemWeebster#2653

Slav Bot also has some moderation commands, these were mainly made for the support server but can also be used on other servers.

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By Salem ⛧#1853

Basic moderation commands + a bit more.

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By AdityaTD#5346

Guild Owners can add Admins and Moderators which have Prune, Ban, Kick, Mute, etc. commands to moderate guilds.

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By advaith#9121

🔨 AdvaithBot has a variety of moderation commands listed in the Moderation Commands section: ban, freeze, kick, role, purge, unban, and unfreeze.

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By Shadorc#8423

Musics, useful, admin & fun commands, mini-games, game stats and more !

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Rock Puppy

By Ryan#5872

It has temp banning, mass banning, muting and more.

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By Zenrac#0001

Basic commands : =ban , =hackban, =kick, =purge or =stfu

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By WHASonYT#0735

A few moderation commands!

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By kiru#5845

Simple moderation commands, sync with modlogs & auditlogs.

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By Auxim#0001

My bot is used to verify new members that are possibly alt accounts

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By kyra#0001

Skyra features a large repository of 15 moderation actions plus some automated systems such as no mention spam, caps and attachment filters, and more.

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By Like#0001

The bot has kick/ban/unban and more in the (near) future.

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By Akira#8185

Basic moderation included, such as kick, ban, and a chat filter powered by Google's Perspective API.

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By jas777#5796

Purge your channels, users won't notice your super secret plans

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By ZiNc#2032

User moderation tools paired with powerful logging ability and unique moderation commands.

,Havoc avatar


By Havoc#7078

List of moderation commands: addrole, ban, botclear, clear, clearwarnings, createrole, deleterole, editrole, kick, mute, nick, removerole, servermutes, softban, unban, unmute, uploademoji, warn, warnclear, warnlist

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By Santosh#2138

This bot has moderation command with modLog, as well as auto moderation for anti-invite system.

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By Senither#0001

Ava has commands for banning, kicking, voice kicking, purge, slowmode(per channel), as well as a modlog feature to keep track of what happens when, and by who.

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By yagizhan49#8883

We have moderation commands!