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Ayana avatar


By HcgRandon#0001

Message pruning, moderation, and info commands

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By jet#9999

Reddit/Twitch/Twitter notifications, Server/User/Role info commands, more incoming.

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By Pete#1928

Lots of Utility commands have been recently added to Deadpool such as weather .. get the weather of any location you want and some other commands which can provide you with stats , userinfo , serverinfo etc..

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By Rubikscraft#4822

This is the category NuggetBot excels in, it has a lot of services you can get your random information from, Wikipedia, openweathermap and more.

UniX avatar


By PsyKo#6666

In this category you will find ommands coming from several services, like yahoo, wikipedia, mdn and more.

Mirai avatar


By Brussell#0660

Mirai has many utility commands. Some examples are the currency, choose, reminder, dice, info, role, vote, giveaway, permissions, and weather commands.

Noémie avatar


By Samuel || TutoRapide#1868

▸ avatar ▸ info ▸ membercount ▸ meteo ▸ role ▸ serveur

Dank Memer avatar

Dank Memer

By Melmsie#0001

We have lots of things to make your life easier. From the utility of manipulating images, seeing info about users/servers, and a vast moderation system, to the simple utility of getting the hot memes from reddit without having to visit.

Hentai avatar


By SK1LL#2134

Includes ping command. Should work right fam?

Yin avatar


By dashwav#7785

Voice + Text channels, welcome messages, etc

EasyFortniteStats avatar


By Luc1412#0897

It's a Utility for the Game "Fortnite". It helps you by the Challenges or gives you your stats.

Vexera avatar


By luke#0123

Utility commands like +wolfram

Waifu avatar


By Builderb#0001

User info with ID support, channel info and role info without the need to mention it. You can also get the raw ID of a channel/role to copy on mobile or the ability to copy a channels perms and topic to a create a new channel.

Marcus avatar


By Marc#7377

Marcus gives users commands such as server and user info to look up specific information about each topic respectively, and provides users with a built-in calculator, number generator, coin flipper, safe-for-work google command, and more.

Kayuna avatar


By Salem ⛧#1853

Commands to help ease the use of Discord.

MagiBot avatar


By T0TProduction#0001

intuitive voting based on reactions

PenguBot avatar


By AdityaTD#5346

YouTube Stats, Twitch Stats, Reminder and what not are all included.

AdvaithBot avatar


By advaith#9121

⚙️ AdvaithBot has a variety of utility commands listed in the Utility Commands section: discrim, embed, haste, hook, portmanteaus, react, rhymes, say, splash, imgur, translate, upload. There are also other utility commands in other modules.

Rock Puppy avatar

Rock Puppy

By Ryan#5872

It has a bunch of utility commands like cleaning up chats, Google searching and more.

YouTube avatar


By ThatTonybo#0001

YouTube can fetch information for videos, playlists, and channels.

Sagiri avatar


By kiru#5845

She can give some information, and quck. Weather, create polls, reminder...

Power Glove avatar

Power Glove

By RCXcrafter#3845

This bot can visualize chemical formulas and it has an afk command.

PixelBOT avatar


By jas777#5796

Bans, kicks, and other things to rule over your community

Elemental avatar


By ZiNc#2032

Provides 25+ commands solely providing extended server utilities and interacts with the server via commands to manage users, manage roles, request information, create content, and much more.

Emoji Manager avatar

Emoji Manager

By DetectiveHuman#1234

Bot fits in to this as the bot gets emojis from discordemoji.com aswell as being able to add custom emojis.

BiSoga avatar


By advaith#9121

The BiSoga Bot lets you shorten URLs and upload files without leaving Discord!

Mardatonne avatar


By yagizhan49#8883

Our bot can encrypt/decrypt and more!

Luki avatar


By MrSheldon#0001

People said so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

LewdBot avatar


By Fabricio20#5913

Utility commands are available like L!voice move (Moves all members between voice channels) and more.

EasyApexStats avatar


By Luc1412#0897

It's a Utility for the Game "Apex Legends". It helps you by finding supplies or gives you your stats.