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Bots on Discord is a site that focuses on giving people what they want. With it we had three main goals: make it easy to use, make it look nice, and don't mislead users. Other sites failed to meet these goals. Some would allow sponsored bots to be shown in a misleading way. Some would allow un-trusted code to run on their sites. Some lacked a good appearance and adequate tools. Bots on Discord is born from that dissatisfaction. Our goal is to make this site everything people want from a bot list.

Our Features

Detailed Tags

Not every bot has a single purpose. Because of that we have a tag system, allowing bot developers can categorize their bots. When you search for specific tags, you probably want to know what each bot does in relation to those tags. Because of this we allow bot developers to write a quick description for their tags. Instead of viewing each bot and scanning through things you don't care about, we show you what you want to know right in the search results.

Voting for Bots

With thousands of bots to look through, we need a way of determining which are best. Votes are our solution to this. We encourage visitors to vote for bots they like and help them grow. We then use this data to improve search results and to determine what bots should be shown on the front page.

Safe but Powerful Bot Page Customization

We try to give bot developers a lot of tools for editing their bot listing. One of these is our powerful Markdown editor and styler. Bot developers will never be able to run code in your browser or change how the website looks outside their bot page's body. Despite this, they still have the ability to highly customize the content. We have several extensions of Markdown enabled along with full control of it's CSS. To learn more check out our Markdown guide

And more!

Our Team


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Chris Valentine