What is Bots on Discord?

For the user:

Bots on Discord is a Discord bot list designed to make it easier to find and share bots. From an advanced search engine to reviews to tag-specific descriptions to custom lists we strive to provide the best user experience you can get. In addition, we heavily curate all the bots our list to ensure they are well-made and safe for public use. We also make sure all bots have detailed information so you don't have to go digging to learn about them.

For the developer:

Bots on Discord is a bot list that wants to help developers share the amazing things they've created. We provide many tools to show off your bot and constantly work with bot owners to give them what they need. We believe that every bot should have a chance to get noticed, and we're constantly thinking of ways to help high-quality bots get out there.

Some of Our Features

Share the News

We provide a platform for bot owners to show off their bot, and that includes sharing what's new. Bots on Discord allows you to post markdown-enabled posts that show up right on your bot page at no cost. Overcome the restraints of your Discord announcements channel with extensive markdown formatting and customization, and view tracking. When people are done reading they can continue to your bot page to learn more.

Reviews from Real Users

We make it easy to see what a bot is like by letting you see reviews from real users. We encourage people to review bots they add, and we encourage bot owners to ask their users to write reviews. The data from these reviews is then used to show you the best bots first. Whenever a bot is shown on the site, a rating is shown with it, so you always know what to expect at a glance.

Command Lists

Bots on Discord has always strived to make it easy to learn how to use bots. With Command Lists we offer bot owners the ability to list commands on their bot page in a standardized format. Anyone viewing the page will be able to browse the bot's commands to see what it offers. This list can then be used after adding a bot to learn how to use it.

Sharing with Lists

One of our main goals is to make it easy to not only find bots but also to share them. Bots on Discord was the first to add lists, allowing anyone to create and share a set of bots on the list with others.

Detailed Tags

Not every bot has a single purpose. Our tagging system allows bot developers to categorize their bots under common labels. They can then provide a description specifically for that tag. When a user searches for those tags or views the bot page they'll be able to select the tag they're looking for and only see the features they want. With this it takes less time for users to find what they're looking for, and it allows for bot developers to tailor their descriptions for specific searches.

Safe but Powerful Bot Page Customization

We give bot developers a lot of tools for editing their bot page. One of these is our powerful Markdown editor and styler. Bot developers will never be able to run code in your browser or change how the website looks outside their bot page's body. Despite this, they still have the ability to highly customize the content. The renderer has several extensions of Markdown enabled along with full control of it's CSS. To learn more check out our Markdown guide.

An Editor That Just Works

Whether you're editing your bot page or just working on a list, our editors are designed to make it easy for you. Unlike many other sites we provide live previews so you can see exactly what your content will look like when viewed by a visitor. We also pay attention to the small details, like adding tab support in text areas, adding shift-click support to move bots more easily in lists, and styling elements to enhance usability.

Painless Resubmissions

Creating an entire submission for a bot is a lot of work, and you shouldn't lose all of it because of a simple mistake. When a bot gets denied it's saved in the archive for three months. To resubmit it all you have to do is select it on the submit page and change whatever is needed. We even give you easy access to all of the bot's records so you know what to fix! Additionally, you won't even lose your position in queue.

And more!

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Tip: You can click on tags to see a bot's description for that tag.