Any message you send in the #twitter channel will be converted into a fake tweet. After sending the fake tweet, Twitter Bot will react with a retweet and heart icon. Server members can react using these icons to retweet or like a tweet. This bot will create engaging arguments between members on your server. Great use cases for this bot include political, simulation and even casual servers.

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  • Turn your message into a fake tweet;
  • Reactions appear in the tweet;
  • Support for default and custom emojis;
  • Ping other members in a tweet;
  • Decide where you want the #twitter channel to be;


alt text


  • !twitter help: Helpful information about this bot.
  • !twitter install: A guide on how to install this bot.
  • !twitter invite: A URL to invite this bot.
  • !twitter channel <name>: Rename the twitter channel.


  1. Invite Twitter Bot to your server.
  2. Create a channel with the name 'twitter', this can be anywhere as long as Twitter Bot can access this channel.
  3. Give the MANAGE_MESSAGES permission to Twitter Bot in the newly created #twitter channel. (optional, this will delete the original text message when creating a tweet)
  4. Send a message in the #twitter channel.
  5. Congratulations, you created your first tweet!

Additional help on step 3 of the installation process

On creating a tweet, the original text message will stay in place as a text message on top of the image. This additional guide helps you to get rid of the original text message so only the image will be displayed.

Click gear icon to open settings for the #twitter channel

alt text

Open the 'permissions' tab

alt text

Select the checkmark near 'manage messages'

alt text

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Submitted: 07/11/2020

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