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Twitter Bot can be used to simulate Twitter within Discord. Twitter Bot doesn't provide integration with Twitter/X, it can only be used to simulate these environments inside Discord.

Twitter Commands

/help: Helpful information about Twitter Bot.

/twitter assign <channel>: Assign the Twitter channel.

/tweet <message> Send a Tweet in the Twitter channel

Twitter Installation

Assign channel

Assign a Twitter channel using /twitter assign <channel>.

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Create tweet

Create tweets with /twitter tweet <message> attachment>.

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If none of these answers suffice: please join the support server for additional help.

Why doesn't Twitter Bot convert my messages into tweets?

First check that the bot is able to send messages and view the channel you want it to use. After this, use: /twitter assign <channel> to assign the bot to the channel you want it to use.

Why doesn't Twitter Bot delete the original message

Give it the MANAGE MESSAGES permission in the twitter channel.

Why are my tweets being deleted?

Only people with the MANAGE MESSAGES permission can delete tweets. So someone in your guild must be doing this.

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