Bot Requirements

We require all bots listed on our site to follow these rules. This is done to ensure that every bot has an acceptable level of usability and trustworthiness.

Listing Rules

  1. You must not present false information. For example: claiming to have features you do not, faking endorsements, or faking statistics.
  2. Your bot's description must be descriptive. It must briefly describe what your bot is and what it does.
    1. Descriptions must be written with sentences and no additional formatting. Things like vertical lists and pipe characters (|) should not be included.
    2. Don't just type out a list of your commands by name. Quickly describe what your bot does in a way everyone can understand.
  3. Your bot must be tagged appropriately. If a tag is not clearly self-explanatory then it must have a description. The description has the same requirements as the general description, but must instead describe what the bot does in relation to that tag.
    1. Tags may not be selected if the bot does not fit the tag now, but is planned to in the future.
    2. Tag descriptions must be self-contained. You can not write something referencing another part of your page for required information.
  4. Your bot's overview must give the reader a good idea of (a): what your bot does and (b): how to use it.
    1. Describe in detail what your bot does. Talk about your features, how they work, and what they do. Simply listing your commands is not describing, and will not count.
    2. Tell the reader how to use your bot. At the least, you should include your help command. Going into more detail is highly encouraged.
      1. If you post the bot's commands to the site then you don't need to include this part unless additional information is required to use the bot.
    3. Avoid listing your commands in the overview. The overview should go into detail on features and highlight featured abilities of your bot. If you wish to list your commands, it should be done with the Commands tab, which can be updated through the bot API.
    4. Linking to another website for required information is not allowed.
  5. Your bot's page must be well formatted and easy to read. It must also have correct grammar. Use markdown and CSS when possible.
  6. Bots you submit must be your own creation. Do not submit unmodified copies of other people's bots.
    1. The owner of the application must submit the bot to this website. Other staff may not submit bots they do not own.
  7. Attempting to exploit bugs on your page will result in de-listing and a possible ban.
    1. You may not modify the style of any element outside the markdown container. If you choose to import a stylesheet it must follow this rule.
  8. The bot owner must be in our Discord server so that we can easily contact them if needed.
    1. If needed, a staff member may do this instead. If this is done then that person will be considered the official representative of the bot and will be able to make any decisions as owner. To do this make sure they are listed as an editor and that this is noted in the notes section of your bot.
  9. Your invite / add bot link must ultimately take the user to the Discord OAuth page.
  10. Your bot's invite / add bot link must only request the permissions it needs. Any bot which requests "Administrator" permission must have a very convincing reason explained in its notes.
  11. All bot owners are required to communicate in English. However, if your bot is intended for non-English audiences then you may use other languages in your bot page.
  12. You may encourage users to review your bot, but you may not persuade or encourage them to review a certain way.
    1. You must only use the Bot API to get information on reviews. Using other means to identify how a user has reviewed you bot is forbidden.
    2. Clarification: Telling users to "leave a positive review" is considered against this rule. You cannot encourage only one type of review. Instead use neutral wording like "leave a review".

Bot Rules

  1. Your bot should show a high level of completeness and effort. It should be clear that your features were not thrown together or copy-pasted. Bots with very poor design or frequent issues will not be accepted.
  2. Your bot must have a decent amount of features. Bots with only a few basic commands will not be accepted.
    1. Common commands seen in every bot, such as image manipulation pulled from an api, "ping", "help", etc. will not be considered towards the requirement of features.
    2. If your bot is designed to fill a specific purpose and therefore doesn't have a large feature set, it can still be approved provided it is very well made.
  3. Commands should not be triggered by normal chat messages. They should require some non-natural trigger to run, such as a prefix or mention.
    1. Exceptions can be made to this rule. If needed, state your reason for exemption in your bot's notes.
  4. Private bots are not allowed. Your bot must be usable by the public and able to be added to servers.
  5. Your bot must have a reasonably high uptime. For typical bots this means it must be running 24/7.
  6. Your bot must not perform destructive actions (banning, deleting things, etc) without consent from users. Your bot also shouldn't allow normal users to perform actions they don't have permission for without moderator consent.
  7. Your bot must be secure. Unsafe features that allow users to gain control over your bot or access information they shouldn't have must not be present for use by non-staff.
  8. Your bot must not send unsolicited direct messages or unsolicited advertisements.
  9. Your bot must not have noticeable features such as welcome messages, level-up messages, or auto-responses that can't be disabled. If included, your bot will be muted in our Discord server.

Last revised December 30, 2020

Tip: You can click on tags to see a bot's description for that tag.