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Mewbot avatar


By Dylee#6669

Mewbot is a Pokemon Discord Bot, Pokemon is an entirely Popular Anime Series, Game and a huge anime franchise.

Ayana avatar


By HcgRandon#0001

Clearly weeb bot.

Mantaro avatar


By Kodehawa#3457

Anime and Character lookup, anime guessing games and pokemon games.

Mirai avatar


By Brussell#0660

Mirai has commands for getting info about anime, written media, and characters. These commands are designed to always return the result you want. Mirai also features airing notifications so you can keep up with all the anime you watch.

Senpai avatar


By Yukine#8080

Senpai include anime/manga search commands aswell as random anime image commands.

PikaGirl avatar


By PikaDude#0001

PikaGirl has an anime styled design.

Hentai avatar


By SK1LL#2134

Includes Anime NSFW also Bruv!

Waifu avatar


By Builderb#0001

Lookup your favourite anime/manga series or view the top 10 trending ones including a random command. Set your favourite waifu on your profile or link an osu/mal account for details.

Kayuna avatar


By Salem ⛧#1853

Various weeb commands that let you interact with other users.

Sagiri avatar


By kiru#5845

Well, it's self-explanatory..

Roleplayer avatar


By Spider#5879

My emote commands are exclusively anime gifs.

Miki avatar


By Veld#0001

Miki's mascotte is a original character whose a magical girl idol! Her favourite things are the moon and the stars that brighten the light!

PokeBot avatar


By Kuroi#9408

You can battle or catch pokemons!

Nanana avatar


By Marshadow#5095

Has an anime command. `,anime` => more conning soon

Kyoko avatar


By Alula#0001

Japanese name, manga avatar, some anime-related commands - perfect bot for your weeb server :^)

Akane avatar


By kandayo#6339

Anime, novels and visual novels related commands. (SOON)

Pikacord avatar


By Arkarceus#2297

It searches for an anime!

Alice avatar


By Dastamn#5810

Search for anime, manga, anime characters... Get a list of airing anime for a specific day Link your MAL account and track your stats

Meganekko avatar


By Josué#0003

anime commands

Fox avatar


By Akemi#2314

Can find anime series using the !anime command, is itself an anime based bot.

Chips avatar


By William Zhou#0001

Chips comes with a slew of anime image commands, including -slap, -hug, -kiss, -tickle

Soft & Wet avatar

Soft & Wet

By 『Geop』#4066

It's a jjba themed bot, the commands are references to it's characters and has a JJBA wiki search function

Shiro avatar


By Skillers3#9999

400+ anime reaction gifs

Mini Me avatar

Mini Me

By RailRunner16#1174

The roleplay commands are anime.

Aru avatar


By AdrianTodt#0722

Over 20 SFW Action Commands, over 30 NSFW Action Commands, and 14 Image Commands of cats, nekos, jibril gifs, jojo references, etc

Yuuki Konno avatar

Yuuki Konno

By Kai 🌸郭加东#9919

Prominent anime related commands on the bot, include the functionality to keep track of what anime you finished, view other's anime lists, and gather information about a certain anime.

Stalwartle avatar


By Dwigoric#0838

Uses the MyAnimeList API on commands such as "s.anime" and "s.manga".

Jeanne avatar


By Kurozero#0001

The bot it self is based off of an anime character and it has commands to search for anime and manga

Sandra avatar


By meister#7070

Sandra uses to bring you every anime gif you can imagine.

Kazuma Bot avatar

Kazuma Bot

By きりしま とうか#4052

Anime Commands