Finally a ModMail bot made for everyone. This bot is designed to enable your server members to contact staff easily.

General Utility Moderation

ModMail is designed to enable your server members to contact staff easily. When a user sends a direct message to the bot, a new channel is created in your server. Messages sent by the user will be displayed there and sending a message in that channel will also forward it to that user. This bot is different from the others as it is the one and only public ModMail bot. This means that it is ensured to be hosted 24/7 without you having to pay extra hosting fees.


  • Hosted on a VPS, online 24/7.

  • Easy and interactive setup.

  • Simple to use, makes it easy for you and your server members.

  • Set a category to contain all the channels so everything is organised.

  • Set a role that is considered staff, who can reply to and close tickets.

  • Logging of new tickets and closed tickets.

  • Custom messages sent to the user on new tickets or closed tickets. (Premium)

  • Complete logging of all messages. (Premium)

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get the bot all ready to serve your server!

  1. Invite the bot with the link above.

  2. Run =setup, there will be an interactive guide.

  3. Done! For a full list of commands, see =help.

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