Wick is an advanced security bot, one of its kind made to conquer any type of nukes, raids and spam. Many other features are available!

General Utility Moderation Logging

Last Page Update: May 13th 2019

[ Wick FREE Features: ]

    • Wick will deal with admins/mods doing any abnormal activities.
    • Abnormal activities are basically mass-deletions of roles, channels or mass-banning/kicking users.
    • Wick has multiple filters that make it nearly impossible for anyone to bypass without the owner noticing.
    • Wick does not care if it's a user or a bot trying to nuke. It will kick ass.

    • Wick will deal with anyone that tries to raid your server.
    • Wick has multiple filters when it comes to raiding, it first studies the account's details then acts based on them.
    • Server owner, admins and mods are treated nicely by the system. You can also whitelist people/channels and now roles!
    • important: Anti-raid is disabled by default on join, this has been a request by many, you can enable it back anytime.

    • Spamming will lead to a strike. The system is different from a user to another because of filters. But if there's spam, wick will deal with the user.
    • Bots are not treated the same as normal users.
    • Admins & Mods are immune. You can also whitelist people/channels and now roles!

    • A user will get a strike if they try to raid/spam, post nsfw content or discord servers. If the user continues doing so, they will get muted after 3 strikes (and having their recent messages bulk-deleted).

    • Channels: you can whitelist channels you want regarding the anti-raid/spam. It works with channel names, mentions and ids.
    • Users: you can whitelist any user (also bots) regarding raiding and spamming.
    • NEW Roles: you can whitelist any role you want regarding spamming and raiding.
    • NEW Advertising: some servers have "partner" channels, these are automatically whitelisted, but you can also whitelist channels, users and roles so they can post discord invites.

    • Wick will check the user/bot's username for any kind of advertising, ipgrabbing, nsfw, malware, racist, shortenning-link content.
    • You can disable or enable the system.

    • Wick will deal with any user/bot that tries to post any malicious content, let it be a phishing, ipgrab or a malware website.
    • You can't disable or enable the system.

    • Wick will deal with any user/bot that tries to advertise.
    • You can disable or enable the system.
  • Anti-NSFW System that detects nsfw content (and soon Images also) in a safe for work channel.

    • Whitelisted-channels that are safe for work won't be immune.
    • NSFW words and racial slangs are not dealt with, only links are. (an advanced word filter in the works).
    • You can disable or enable the system.

    • Users will get the same roles they had before they left the guild. This will prevent dodgers. (this will be changed to only cover the mute role due to security reasons)
[ Wick PREMIUM Features: ]

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    • Webhook raid is one of the most dangerous ways to raid. Wick premium will deal with any rogue webhook trying to raid/spam. Oh and it doesn't stop there, Wick will also eliminate any webhook created by the same rogue webhook's owner. SCREENSHOT

    • Close-Match: It's an advanced filter we made to avoid false-positives but to also catch "smart" raids and spams.
    • Change Settings: you can change all filters settings. SCREENSHOT
    • Settings concern Quick-Messages, Same-Messages & CloseMatched-Messages filters, this means that you get to set: [X] [quick/same/close-matched] mesages in [X] seconds.

    • Ability to change all filters settings. SCREENSHOT
    • Settings concern 1 Minute & 1 Hour filters, this means that you get to set X tries in X interval for mass deletion of roles and channels, mass ban, kick filters to kick in.
  • Verification System (Captcha)

    • Suspicious users will have to answer the Captcha Wick sends or else they will get kicked automatically. SCREENSHOT
    • In order for a user to be suspicious, Wick studies the account's details and decide later (Account age, Global-ban, Nitro, profile picture).
    • Important: We use text-captcha instead of image-captcha due to the second being too easy to solve. We are aware that text form is even more easier, but the entire verification message sent is randomized (4^4 possibility thats 256 possibilities), and the text-captcha is also randomized with markdown also being randomized. And sometimes the captcha is even in emotes SCREENSHOT. This makes it harder for scripts to know which is the captcha and which isn't before even trying to solve anything.

    • you can whitelist any channel, user or role you want regarding spamming and raiding and also advertising.
    • NEW Webhooks: you can whitelist any webhook you want regarding anti-raid/spam. SCREENSHOT
  • Anti-Mention system that doesn't allow users to mention @everyone even once!

  • JoinAge System that denies account younger than a number of days you choose. SCREENSHOT


    • You get to set the number of strikes before a mute is issued.

    • A lot of commands are available only to premium users. w!commands premium will show you "most" premium commands. SCREENSHOT
  • Extreme Speed since fewer servers use it.

  • You help us keep Wick's lights on ❤

[ Wick VIP Features: ]


  • Hosted exclusively for your servers meaning that it will only be in your servers (Legendary Speed) and you won't have to pay for a host or anything!
  • You will get all the features we have at your disposal.
  • You will create just the bot application and we will only use your bot's token.
  • SPECIAL-REQUESTS: we will work on adding special things you want for your bot to make it suit your server(s) much better.
  • New features will first be seen in VIP Wick.
  • You help us keep Wick's lights on immensely.
Things You Should Know
  • Wick needs few permissions to work. So if you don't trust Wick, don't use it. Run w!perms in your server to see which permissions are needed.
  • Wick needs a Muted role for it to punish people. It won't do anything if there's no way to stop anyone. So make sure you have one.
  • Wick only works with YOU (The Server Owner). It's a server owner bot for crying out loud.
  • Make Wick's role above your Admins/Mods for it to deal with them if they do suspicious behaviours.
  • Wick can log stuff if you have a channel called "mutes" or "logs".
  • Wick (if set properly) can kick/ban even Admins. After all, only you can use it. So no trolling with wick.
  • Wick forgives whitelisted users/channel/now roles only when it comes to spamming and raiding.
  • Important: we have programmed an abuse system that will detect any behavior that's considered abusive to Wick. This includes bot-hell servers where Wick is invited there to try and break it, overload it. If a behavior is detected, we will ban you from using Wick. So we suggest setting Wick properly.


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