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Wick is an advanced security bot, one of its kind made to conquer any type of nukes, raids and spam.


Command prefix: w!

Submitted: Jan 21, 2019 9:45 PM

Edited: Jan 21, 2019 9:45 PM

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*-* Anti-Raid: Mention-spamming, mentioning everyone/here by normal users for an example are a no-no with Wick.

*-* Anti-Nuke: If Wick notices weird activity from an admin/mod, it removes all their roles as a measure of security and it will inform you.

*-* Moderation: Only the owner can use Wick's commands like kick, ban, purge, mute.

Things you should know:

1) Wick needs ADMINISTRATOR permission or it will not work. So if you don't trust Wick, don't use it.

2) Wick's role should be the highest in roles list so it can deal with admins, mods you put.

3) Wick does not give a damn about anyone's feelings but yours.

4) Wick will mute raiders that try to mention everyone.

5) Wick will take away all roles of an admin/mod if they do something weird.

6) Wick only logs things related to its task which is keeping the server secure.

7) Wick will kick/ban/mute even admins/mods because only you can use the moderation commands.


There are several filters planted to stop people dodging settings. an example : "If you spam 5 times in a minute you get muted" <- that won't work because once the user finds out, they will be spamming 4 times a minute. That can't happen with Wick, because Wick has more filters added like account's age, server-contribution and we are not going to get into more filters, what's important is that they can't dodge the settings. The settings made can work with any server as Wick has been tested in 3 grand servers pre-launch, two of which are Discord-Partnered.


Type w!commands in your server to see both premium, VIP and standard commands!

w!stats This is the shit. It will display a panel of the activity that has been going on in your server recently.

w!ban @user/userID reason This will ban a user by providing user's ID/mentioning them. It will inform them of the reason too.

w!kick @user/userID reason This will kick a user by providing user's ID/mentioning them. It will inform them of the reason too.

w!purge x / w!purge @user x This will delete x last messages, or delete x last messages of a specific user without touching the rest.


  • WickPremium enabled in every server you own.
  • Ability to change Wick's settings to work well with the type of your server.
  • No way for a user to mention everyone/here but you (avoid raids).
  • Lockdown feature to lockdown all the server if something happens.
  • Destruction mode feature to remove sensitive roles if something is happening.
  • Verification System: Suspicious users will have to answer captcha or else get kicked automatically.(PENDING)
  • User Background Check: Wick will bring you everything about a certain user including online data.
  • Performance: WickPREMIUM will be faster than ever.
  • A really more advanced spam system with more triggers that can secure the server.
  • A lot of utility commands available just for you.


  • Hosted exclusivly for your servers meaning that it will only be in your servers (Legendary Speed, no downtimes)
  • No bugs or issues with Wick.
  • Special Support around the clock.
  • All the features that Wick has will be at your disposale.
  • All new features will first be seen in VIP Wick.