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Anime Moderation NSFW Utility


Who needs a girlfriend when you have a friendly and loveable waifu to take care of you needs OwO with lots of features and utility/anime/mod and image commands.


Command prefix: w/

Submitted: Jun 17, 2018 12:15 AM

Edited: Aug 21, 2018 3:19 PM

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Waifu bot is a multi purpose Discord bot with lots of features, 24/7 uptime and fully functional commands.

Big command list

💓 Weeb Stuff

w/trending   w/anime   w/manga   w/waifu   w/random   w/image   w/genre   w/owo

> Get the latest anime and manga series or claim your favourite waifu

💓 Image commands

w/neko   w/fox   w/hug   w/poke   w/slap   w/pat   w/kiss   w/feed   w/cuddle   w/tickle   w/gif   w/dog   w/cat   w/lizard   w/snek

> 21 nsfw command available

💓 User profile

w/profile   w/mal   w/osu   w/friend   w/set

> Make new friends, get osu stats or set your anime list source to show off from MAL/Kitsu/Anilist

💓 Server info and utilities

w/server   w/user   w/joined   w/mods   w/role   w/roleid   w/nsfwrole   w/color   w/chan   w/chanid   w/copychan

> Get server information for users, roles and channel with ID support and name support included

💓 Server mod commands

w/ban   w/kick   w/prune   w/dehoist

> Kick those spammers and ban those raiders!

💓 Server admin commands

w/blocknsfw   w/setprefix   w/resetprefix   w/embedcolor

> Set a custom prefix for the bot or toggle nsfw link blocking for non-nsfw channels

💓 Misc

w/find   w/discrim   w/avatar   w/created   w/pokemon   w/pokecard   w/avatargen   w/facegen

> Misc stuff for the bot and some usefull commands like find and discrim

💓 Discord dev commands

w/discord   w/getbot   w/getinvite   w/getprefix   w/getowner   w/getbots   w/webhook

> Get info for other bots or check the Discord status

💓 Bot info

w/ping   w/invite   w/lib   w/bot   w/support

> Get information about the bot or visit my Discord server