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Deadpool avatar


By Pete#1928

Deadpool has the best meme commands so why dont you invite it now?

PikaGirl avatar


By PikaDude#0001

Has various original meme/image generators and templates for users to use.

Dank Memer avatar

Dank Memer

By Melmsie#0001

Dank Memer's primary purpose is to be a meme bot, everything we do has a memey touch to it.

Vexera avatar


By luke#0123

Image Manipulation commands such as +drake, +magik etc

Slav Bot avatar

Slav Bot

By MerriemWeebster#2653

Slav Bot is mainly for shitposting, so it also has commands for various meme templates

Watora avatar


By Zenrac#0001

=meme and more stuff such as =triggered etc..

Power Glove avatar

Power Glove

By RCXcrafter#3845

This bot can create a couple of memes based on user input.

Skyra avatar


By kyra#0001

Skyra has unique image commands such as deletthis, f... and commands such as xkcd for funny jokes.

Xan avatar


By Like#0001

The bot has various, original, meme commands.

AvaIre avatar


By Senither#0001

Ava has a few commands for both finding memes, as well as generating your own from a large list of available types.

Nanana avatar


By Marshadow#5095

Has a few meme commands. ,report ,wanted ,wreckit ,religion ,Karen ,approve ,tinder and ,02 are all meme commands, more coming soon

Luki avatar


By MrSheldon#0001

Fun module and image editing module

Randomer avatar


By wwww#0520

It's got a lot of meme commands & the bot is also mostly based on memes.

✘ Fun avatar

✘ Fun

By ✘ Zero#0154

The bot is memey. It has fake commands that can be used to prank other users and other weird, but funny features.

RickBot avatar


By NANI#0001

Fresh, dank memes right out of the internet machine. Updated every 30 minutes from multiple sources.

Abayro 🌟 avatar

Abayro 🌟

By NourEldien#8007

Quality memes

Pikacord avatar


By Arkarceus#2297

Pokememes, Marvelmemes, dank memes!

Hotdog avatar


By TheFloppyBanana#9045

Image-manipulation commands, so you can meme-ify you and your friends!

PewDiePie avatar


By A Discord User#4063

The battle between T-Series and PewDiePie has became a meme

Fox avatar


By Akemi#2314

Shitpost and meme commands.

CatManiaBot™ avatar


By callumok2004#8093

Many commands that show gifs/memes!

Catherine avatar


By Papa Joker#1543

I'm a living one. No for real i have a really cool 8ball feature and 17 more existing meme categories which users can ask my creator to add more of what they like!

Soft & Wet avatar

Soft & Wet

By 『Geop』#4066

Many image manipulation commands that make any image into a meme

TrendingGiphyBot avatar


By mosentok#7979

It posts gifs which have a decent chance ending up as memes!

NitroBot avatar


By IPv4#0001

A meme to prove Discord wrong, bots can tell if a user has Nitro. It does work if you fancy trying it out.

JackSucksAtBot avatar


By Cairo#4883

A discord bot focused on memes about the YouTuber JackSucksAtLife and much more..

Star avatar


By Ethan#8736

There are yomamma jokes, soak command, slap command, fart command, and many more!

DonBot avatar


By dondish#0001

DonBot has many image manipulation commands

Generation Bot avatar

Generation Bot

By Teddy#2247

We have a meme command allowing users to get some memes from reddit!

Stalwartle avatar


By Dwigoric#0838

Some commands include s.achievement, s.beautiful, s.heavyfear, s.triggered and other meme-generating commands.