Vinny brings Music, Memes, Reddit, NSFW, Twitter, Markov comments and so much more. Want Vinny to post automatically? It's super easy to setup scheduled commands. Vinny is designed to bring the content to you, no searching required.

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A lot of stuff happens all over the internet, Vinny is designed to bring it all to your discord servers. Open source and made so users have a voice in design and direction. Add Vinny to your server and dont miss out again!

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What can I do?


Play music from many places like Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. You can also save your queue as a playlist for easy sharing and playing on demand.


Pull hot, top or new posts off reddit with a handful of quick and simple commands. You can also schedule these commands to post on a timer, or subscribe to a subreddit to get updates when a new post is posted.


Get threads from any 4chan board, you can also schedule this command on a timer or subscribe to a board and get all new threads posted when they are made.


Never miss the action on things happening around the web. Subscribe to notifications from Twitch, Youtube, Reddit, 4chan and Twitter.

Markov Comments

Generate comments / Quotes for users and channels based on their message history. These messages can be posted in a way that looks super similar to the user saying it.


Get random posts or search by tag


Get all types of nsfw, Rule34, E621, any nsfw subreddit or 4chan board. Schedule or subscribe to sources as well. Don't worry, I don't judge.


Set a custom prefix, make aliases to trigger commands in creative ways, set different roles to require for different types of commands.

Scheduled Commands

Have commands run automatically on a timer! So that the meme party never stops.


Vinny comes with more than just commands. Any help or suggestions/feedback you may have is quickly answered and taken into consideration.


Either type ~help or @Vinny help in a channel Vinny is in to get a full command list

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Submitted: 03/14/2019

Approved: 03/14/2019

Edited: 02/06/2024

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