AdvaithBot is a cool multipurpose bot with commands for fun, animals, searching, utility, text, info, moderation, URL shortening, and emoji management. Make Trump tweet something, find rhyming words, talk to Cleverbot, make a Change My Mind meme, and more, with AdvaithBot!

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AdvaithBot is a multipurpose Discord bot.

AdvaithBot has many cool commands, including:

  • Random commands like 8ball and flip
  • Animal image commands like cat, dog, fox, and redpanda
  • Many assorted useful commands like discrim, rhymes, say, and translate
  • Some essential moderation commands like ban and kick
  • And more! Scroll down to see all of the commands!

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AdvaithBot primarily uses slash commands, but it also has context menu commands for users and messages.

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🖥️ System Commands

Command Description
/help Sends the command list
/invite Sends the link to add the bot
/ping 🏓 Checks how fast the bot is responding
/subscribe Get AdvaithBot news delivered to your channel
/support Sends the link to the AdvaithBot server

🤣 Fun Commands

Command Description Arguments
/8ball 🎱 Ask the 8ball a question! Your question (Required)
/acronym Generates an acronym meaning for a word Word or words to make a meaning for (Required)
/blurplefy Blurplefy someone's avatar! User whose avatar to blurplefy (Required)
/changemymind Make a Change My Mind meme Text to put on the poster (Required)
/cleverbot Talk to Cleverbot! What you want to say (Required)
/flip Flip a coin! none
/invert Invert someone's avatar! User whose avatar to invert (Required)
/reverse Reverses provided text Text to reverse (Required)
/trbmb That really _____ my _____ none
/triggered Trigger a user User whose avatar to trigger (Required)
/trump Make Trump tweet something Text to tweet (Required)
/wanted Make a wanted poster User whose avatar to put on the poster (Required)

🐱 Animal Commands

Command Description
/bird Sends a random bird pic
/cat Sends a random cat pic
/dog Sends a random dog pic
/duck Sends a random duck pic or gif
/fox Sends a random fox pic
/redpanda Sends a random red panda pic

🔍 Search Commands

For all search commands, the argument is the search query.

Command Description
/ddg Searches DuckDuckGo
/urban Searches Urban Dictionary
/yt Searches YouTube

⚙️ Utility Commands

Command Description Arguments
/air Get the air quality somewhere Zip code of location to get air quality for (Required)
/discrim Find users with a certain discriminator (#XXXX) Discriminator to search for (Optional, defaults to yours)
/embed Says what you want in an embed What you want it to say (Required)
/haste Uploads code to hastebin Code to upload (Required)
/hook Sends your message as a webhook What you want it to say (Required)
/portmanteaus Make portmanteaus with a provided word Word to make portmanteaus with (Required)
/react Add a reaction to a message Message ID (Required), Emoji to react with (Required)
/rhymes Get rhymes for a provided word Word to get rhymes for (Required)
/say Makes the bot say something What you want it to say (Required)
/imgur Upload an image to Imgur URL to image, or attach image (Required)
/translate Translate text to any language using Google Translate Language name or 2-letter code to translate to (Required), text to translate (Required)

📝 Text Commands

For all text commands, the argument is the text to manipulate.

Command Description
/bend ʍąҟҽʂ աҽìɾժ էҽ×է Ӏìҟҽ էհìʂ
/bubbles ⓟⓤⓣⓢ ⓣⓔⓧⓣ ⓘⓝ ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔⓢ
/fliptext uʍop ǝpısdn ʇxǝʇ sdılɟ
/mirror ƚxɘƚ ꙅɿoɿɿim
/tiny ᴍᴀᴋᴇꜱ ᴛᴇxᴛ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛɪɴʏ ᴄᴀᴘꜱ
/zalgo m̷̳͌a̴̱͛k̷͇̐ë̵̥́s̶̰̀ ̴̨̇z̶̙̆a̵̝̓l̴͇̀ǧ̸̯o̸̞̅ ̶́͜ť̵̤ë̸̼́x̸̯̊t̷̬͒

ℹ️ Info Commands

Command Description Arguments
/appinfo Shows some information about a developer application The application ID (Required)
/inviteinfo Shows some information about an invite The invite code or link (Required)
/serverinfo Shows some information about the server none
/userinfo Information about a user or yourself User mention or ID (optional)

🔨 Moderation Commands

Command Description Arguments Required Permission
/ban Swings the almighty ban hammer on a user 🔨 User (Required), Reason (optional), Delete Messages (optional), DM (optional) Ban Members
/freeze Blocks everyone from sending messages None Manage Roles
/kick Kicks a user User (Required), DM (optional) Kick Members
/purge Deletes a specified amount of chat messages. Number of messages (Required) Manage Messages
/role Adds a role to or removes a role from a user [add | remove] (Required), User (Required), Role (Required) Manage Roles
/slowmode Set the channel message cooldown (per user) Number of seconds or "off" (Required) Manage Channels
/timeout Temporarily mute a user User (Required), Duration (required) Timeout Members
/unban Unbans a user User (Required), Reason (optional) Ban Members
/unfreeze Unfreezes your server none Manage Roles

🔗 URL Shortener Commands

For all URL Shortener commands, the argument is the URL to shorten.

Command Description
/isgd Shortens a URL using
/tinyurl Shortens a URL using TinyURL
/vgd Shortens a URL using

😀 Emoji Management Commands

All Emoji Management commands require the Manage Emojis permission.

Command Description Arguments
/deleteemoji Deletes a custom emoji Emoji (Required)
/emoji Creates a custom emoji Emoji name (Required), Image URL or attach image (Required)
/renameemoji Renames a custom emoji Emoji (Required), New name (Required)

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