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So you can track that person that keeps changing their username

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By Rubikscraft#0621

NuggetBot has advanced logging features you can toggle with +togglelog, this will make sure you know exactly what happened when you were gone.

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By Pete#0006

If you make a text channel called logs the bot will be posting log messages in it. Make sure you have a text channel called mod-logs where the bot will be posting a message when you run moderation commands

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By PsyKo#6666

UniX can log some actions for you to know what is going on your guild

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By Brussell#0660

Mirai allows you to define an event channel where selected events are recorded. This allows you to have an easily visible log of moderation actions with their reasons. Username and nickname changes can also be logged.

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By dashwav#7785

Server logging available

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By Marc#7377

Marcus has the capability of logging when users leave or join, and features a moderation log for when moderators use moderation commands via Marcus' moderation system.

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By AdityaTD#5346

Allows Logging Guild Events which can be toggled very easily in just two commands.

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By WHASonYT#0735

Make a #logs channel and your all set!

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By jas777#5796

Logger currently not working fully... but working

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By Auxim#0001

My bot has logging functionality available, logging numerous Discord events, including deleted messages and nickname changes for example.

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By yagizhan49#8883

We have an unique awesome logger that logs nearly everything to a channel! TRY IT!

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By kiru#7284

She have a modlog system. Setup via the `.logs` command

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By kandayo#6339

Collect guilds and users statistics.

Restarter v2 avatar

Restarter v2

By IPv4#0001

Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.

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Mr. Robøt

By ThomasBnt#9520

logs des spams et des insultes.

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By luke#0123

Logging System based on events

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By Jack K-B.#7211

If a guild has set a logging channel then the bot will send a log to the desired channel.

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By JackTEK#6669

Mila's server configurations allow server managers to set a mod-log channel in which all moderative actions will be logged upon use.

Abayro 🌟 avatar

Abayro 🌟

By NourEldien#8007

Detailed logging system

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By NicoTine#6105

SamBot, un Bot français proposant énormément de commandes ! Ne fais pas de NSFW.

[--] CatManiaBot ❤ avatar

[--] CatManiaBot ❤

By callumok2004#8093

All of our moderation commands can be logged upon use! Just use `--config set channel <#channel> to set your log channel!

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By MrSheldon#0001

Mod and server logs

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By NANI#0001

AutoMod with punishment evading protection.

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By Tea Cup#9999

Koala will Logg new members and you can set your mod-log for the times you have to use the BAN and KICK

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By PizzaFox#0075

A general purpose utility bot, with an economy, video game stats, moderation tools, and lots of other features.

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By PaPí#0001

XtraCord bot also provides server logging which covers almost everything from editing/deleting of messages to kick/ban.

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By Galarzaa#8515

NabBot can optionally show logging messages on the server-log to announce of user changes.

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Mini Me

By RailRunner16#1174

Many different events are logged in the logs channel. This includes roles, channels being created, deleted, messages being deleted, users being banned, unbanned, etc.

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Furry Bot

By Donovan_DMC#1337

Has full logging, with audit-log blame detection.

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By MrGaabriel (desativado)#2430

Event-log, Welcome System