Unbloated and customizable moderation, logging bot and temporary role management.

General LoggingModeration

MoonlightBot is the most powerful and extensible moderation bot you'll ever find. It's designed for moderators of communities of any size.


Temporary roles

Set timers on roles. You can either do this manually via command, through selfroles, or when an user joins your server.

You can edit the timer at any moment.

Temporary roles

Check it out!

Granular permissions

MoonlightBot doesn't care about what permissions an user has, when coming to commands(*). The level system is designed to carefully tune user permissions.

This system detached from Discord's permissions allows for more control on actions your moderators are allowed to do. Ever wanted to let someone assigning roles without giving them permission to manage them?


Full guide on levels

(*) Only people with "Manage Server" permission can edit configuration; Server owner has always level 100.


Every punishment command stores an infraction to the targeted user, to remember what they were acted for, who did it, and some other details. You can quickly bring up a summary of all infractions an user received, and escalate your punishments accordingly.



Never let anything slip through with descriprive, ever-lasting logs fully compatible with Discord's search feature. You can decide exactly what to log and where, and in multiple channels!

Read more about what you can log

Role persistence

Tired of reassigning roles manually when a user rejoins? We got you covered. MoonlightBot will restore any role an user had upon leaving if this role is configured to be persistent.

See all role settings


Get notified about anything and everything. You can adjust the timer later as you wish.

You can make recurring reminders, which will be sent on an interval of your choice.


Fast support

Need help? Want to suggest a new feature? Want to talk to fellow MoonlightBot'ers? Join the support server. Fast and clear responses guaranteed. Our users love us!

Beta version

Interested in trying new features before anyone else? MoonlightBot beta is here for you!


Learn what you can do in beta

Support us

MoonlightBot is an hobby project. We don't sell user data. As of December 2021, MoonlightBot is still actively maintained and developed by passionate developers, Staff and volunteer.

We care about our users like you've never seen. If you want to contribute to making MoonlightBot the bot of tomorrow, we'd appreciate any help from you:

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Vote, and spread the voice

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Tell your friends about it, we don't bite, promise 😃


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