MoonlightBot is a quick setup and easy to use moderation bot.

General Moderation Logging

MoonlightBot is an extremely powerful and flexible moderation bot, it's been designed to suit very specific needs, including:

  • Temporary roles: Add a role to an user and decide when it should be removed, with the possibility of editing the timer later.

  • Detached permission system: Ever wanted to have your moderators be able to ban someone but not unban? MoonlightBot can restrict that!

  • Powerful logging: You can choose specific actions to log, in which channel you log them and you can also log the same event in multiple channels too.

  • Infraction history and searching: Whenever you use a MoonlightBot mod command (kick, ban, mute, softban, tempmute etc), an infraction is stored into a database for later retrieving. Also, the logs produced are complete and searchable with Discord's search feature.

  • Infraction notification: Add the --dm-user flag while using a mod command, and the user will be notified the reason of the infraction.

  • Automated creation of a mute role: Never spend hours setting permissions again.

  • Self-assignable roles: Yup, now coming with an optional expiration date as well.

  • Role persistence: Automatically apply which roles you want if a user leaves and rejoins your server.

Requested features/Coming soon:

  • Server verification through captcha.

  • Automatically adding a role to an user when joining a voice channel.

  • Cooldown after a self-assignable role is removed.

We also have a supportive Staff team and developers ready to take your feedback and answer it!

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