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By jet#9999

Uh, levels and leaderboard. Role rewards for levels.

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By Pete#1928

The bot does support a level system run !level to see your level and increase it by chatting

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By Kodehawa#3457

Global levels, displayed on profile. 45s cooldown with random XP gain.

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Dank Memer

By Melmsie#0001

Our currency system has a fun and rewarding leveling system! Some of the best parts include SILENT LEVELING UP, and prestige-ing!

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By AdityaTD#5346

Has Global Levels with XP and Economy called Snowflakes along with User Profiles and Background. Also supports Level Up Messages if enabled.

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By WHASonYT#0735

An XP Leveling system!

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By kyra#0001

Skyra features a few features tied to the social system (you increase your level after reaching an amount of points), though you can also achieve a role after reaching an amount of points.

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By Veld#0001

Whenever users send messages they receive experience points and climb the leaderboards.

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By Kuroi#9408

Level up your trainer and your pokemon!

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By jas777#5796

To enable level-up messages use [email protected] [Soon in dashboard]

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By Senither#0001

Ava comes with a built in leveling system(Disabled by default) along with a bunch of level up messages, and level up rewards that can be set by the user.

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By yagizhan49#8883

We have a leveling system!

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By Dr. Ari Gami#0001

Gami has an advanced leveling system with customizable messages, role rewards, etc.

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By MrSheldon#0001

Global Leveling System

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Restarter v2

By IPv4#0001

Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.

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Abayro 🌟

By NourEldien#8007

Leveling System

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By Dastamn#5810

Get XP by using the bot and daily credits Buy posters and customize your profile Collect beautiful nekos

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By Elemental31#3616

It has an xp system with role rewards.

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By Akemi#2314

!xp, !profile & global/guild message tracker.

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By IPv4#0001

A meme to prove Discord wrong, bots can tell if a user has Nitro. It does work if you fancy trying it out.

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By IPv4#0001

A Discord guild ambient life simulation!

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By Mister_Fix#2812

You will get EXP for messages you send and there's a per server and global leaderboard!

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By Kurozero#0001

You can gain points and levels if this bot is in the server and view your points/level with the profile command

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By Eagler1997#7990

A lvling system is in place with points, and a leaderboard

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By ImDarkDiamond#0256

Includes simple to use rank/level command with a leaderboard.

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By meister#7070

Compete with other members with Sandra's server leader boards, or compete with users in the global leader board.

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Kazuma Bot

By 𝖑𝖚𝖓𝖆#4052

Global XP System

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Twilight Sparkle

By Ishidres#0001

Users gain experience for sending messages to increase member activity on servers. Users can also LevelUp which gives them money and even role rewards, if the owner set them up. The whole Levels feature works 100% without a setup.

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By Big P#1843

Includes badges you can earn on your !profile

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By Adelath#3414

A small leveling system, nothing too shaby just leveling.