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By WHASonYT#0735

An XP Leveling system!

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By sudoweeb ぱ果カ#4899

Level up your trainer and your pokemon!

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By jas777#0261

To enable level-up messages use [email protected] [Soon in dashboard]

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Restarter v2

By IPv4#0001

Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.

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By Kodehawa#3457

Global levels, displayed on profile. 45s cooldown with random XP gain.

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By jet#9999

Uh, levels and leaderboard. Role rewards for levels.

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By IPv4#0001

A meme to prove Discord wrong, bots can tell if a user has Nitro. It does work if you fancy trying it out.

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By IPv4#0001

A Discord guild ambient life simulation!

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By MrSheldon#0001

Global Leveling System

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By AdityaTD#5346

Has Global Levels with XP and Economy called Snowflakes along with User Profiles and Background. Also supports Level Up Messages if enabled.

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By Senither#0001

Ava comes with a built in leveling system(Disabled by default) along with a bunch of level up messages, and level up rewards that can be set by the user.

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By ! - NourEldien.#8007

Leveling System

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By Mister_Fix#2812

You will get EXP for messages you send and there's a per server and global leaderboard!