A simple, multilingual community management bot for Discord. Manages events, karaoke, leveling, XP & more

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Eventcord (formerly Kariari): A Community Bot

Eventcord is designed to bring communities together on Discord. It can manage events, manage an XP system, and more.


  • Control and host events for your server with ease

  • Advanced leveling and XP system to reward member interaction (more information)

  • Uses messages sent, replies, reactions, and more to reward XP in a way similar to karma

  • Your members can add and remove themselves to/from events

  • Join events with groups of friends (can be configured up to 4 members)

  • Easily delegate event management power to trusted members of your community

  • Automatic muting and unmuting in karaoke events using voice channels to prevent interruptions

  • Support for stage channels with karaoke events

  • Multi language support (see for available languages)

  • Web dashboard at

  • Command to show you random images with varying NSFW levels based on server configuration

What this bot is not: A music playing bot. This bot will not play music, but this bot will not mute other bots in the voice channel, so you can use bots such as Rythm or Groovy along with Eventcord.


An up to date command list can be found at on the docs or by using the ;help command.


If you have a basic question, you can ask the self support bot Hannah on our website by clicking the widget in the bottom right corner of the screen or by joining the support server and using the #bot-help channel.

For questions the self support bot cannot answer, you can join the support server here.

Documentation can be found at


The default master role is Event Admin, the default prefix is ;, and the default language is English US. These can be changed at any time using ;config or the dashboard

Using Events

More detailed information on events can be found on the docs. Below, <argument> is a placeholder for required arguments. [argument] is a placeholder for optional arguments.

Eventcord is very simple to use. Once you have created the Event Admin Role and have assigned it to members you trust to manage events, it is time to get started.

  1. To start an event, use ;start. React with the event type you want to start as described in the message. This will start an event in the text channel you used this command in. Karaoke events will require you to be in a voice channel, which will become the event’s voice channel.

  2. Your community may join or leave the event by using ;join and ;leave, respectively. They can join a friend to form a group by using ;join @friend.

  3. The event’s positions may be checked at any time by using ;positions.

  4. (Karaoke events only) Once the person who is up (event position 0) is ready to sing, they may use ;ready to automatically mute everyone else in the channel. Eventcord will respect previously server muted members. Those who were server muted before the use of this command will stay muted.

  5. When you are ready to cycle the event, the member who is up (event position 0) may use ;cycle to cycle the event. This command can be used by event admins at any time.

  6. Members with the Event Admin Role can remove, push, or cycle the event on demand by using ;remove <@member>, ;push <@member> <event position>, and ;cycle, respectively.

  7. You can end events by using ;end

Using Leveling

Leveling is an optional module which rewards XP using various factors when a member interacts with your server. More details can be found on the docs.

  1. Enable the module on the dashboard on the "levels" under the "config" section.

  2. Configure as you please on the dashboard.

  3. If you add leveling reward roles, make sure the bot's role is above the leveling reward roles and that the bot has the manage roles permission. See the docs for details.

Poof! 💨 It's that easy!

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