A fun RPG/game bot with levels, an economy integrated with other bots, customizable server shops, a global leaderboard, and more! We even support 9 languages! Come play with us today!

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Just Some of the Things You Can Do:

  • Earn quests by just talking!
  • Make money by beating quests!
  • Get help from a support team that you can have come help you just by using !requestsupport
  • Customize your info and profile, with backgrounds, banners, and awards!
  • Check out our comprehensive tutorial/FAQ page on the websites!
  • Compete with friends to reach the top of the global leaderboard!
  • Use a suggestion feature where you can help influence the updates with suggest!
  • View an extremely detailed !help command with tutorial links, all the command categories, and a sub help-page for every command that you can use, like !help daily!
  • Make your own quests, weapons, and shields!
  • Change your server’s customizable prefix, using !setcmdkey!
  • Report any found bugs with !bugreport so the owner can get on to fixing them!
  • Exchange TheelUtil currencies to other bots, such as Pollux, Elite Looter, Dice, and Discord Telephone!

  • Set your own language with !language <ISO language code>! Supported languages include Spanish (es), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), and many more!
  • ¡Puede establecer su propio idioma con !language es!
  • Você pode definir a sua própria língua com !language pt!
  • Вы можете установить свой собственный язык с помощью !language ru!

Quick tutorial on basic commands:

(A full tutorial can be found at, or in the help page. There's also an old tutorial that I'm working on updating at, that website also has the update log, a dashboard, and more!)

You can view your basic profile with !myinfo, which shows you all your essential stats (more detailed information can be found with !stats). When you get a quest from chatting, it will show up in your !myquests page, and you can then use !acceptquest <quest number> to accept it, and if you win, you'll get stats, exp, and money! With money, you can buy weapons that are in !shop weapons. To create a weapon, do !createweapon <weapon name> <hit message> <damage> <accuracy>. More options can be found in !help createweapon. Once you buy a weapon with !buy <weapon name>, you can equip it with !equip <weapon name>. Then you can repeat the process, and you'll get stronger, and be able to beat stronger quests. Maybe one day, you could even be the strongest in the bot!

Perm Details:

  • The bot needs Read/Send Messages to actually be used, however if you want the bot to give you quests but not say anything in all but like 1 or 2 channels, you can just deny Send Messages overall and enable it on a per-channel basis instead of using !shutup for each channel.
  • The bot needs Embed Links to embed links to the official help website and support server within the help command.
  • The bot needs Attach Files in order to send your info and quest screens in Discord, without which you would have to go to the website to view your stats and quests on Discord, then refresh the page to update the info each time you accept a quest, which is extremely cumbersome to do on a regular basis.
  • The bot needs Read Message History to execute multi-step commands.
  • The bot needs Add Reactions and Use External Emojis to add the question mark emoji reactions indicating improper syntax, and the cross emoji reactions indicating you don’t have permissions for a command. In addition, Use External Emojis is needed for the Fun commands !blob, and !kek, the emote representing the currency, stat gains in quest accepting, !dustats, and others.
  • The bot needs Manage Roles to add the "Theel Commander" and "Theel OptOut" roles, the former being so normal members can make quests/weapons/shields if given the role, and the latter for if people wish to not be used in commands.
  • It is also recommended, though not required, to give the bot Create Instant Invite perms if your server has a team in it, so that members of your team from other servers can join the main gathering place with the !homeinvite command.

Other Info

  • If you use a command that has a !help page, and the bot does not reply or add a reaction, that means it has encountered an error in the code. The command that has the error will be automatically reported the the owner so she can fix it as soon as possible.
  • If the bot reacts with a question mark emote, you're using incorrect syntax. Use !help <command name> or visit the command's section of for correct syntax.
  • If the bot reacts with a cross emote (a red X), you do not have permissions to use that command. Certain commands are for server admins and/or people with the Theel Commander role, and the commands under !help mod, !help admin, and !help owner refer to Bot Mod, Bot Admin, and Bot Owner, not the server versions, so server mods/admins/owners will not be able to use those commands.
  • Bot Staff (bot mods, bot admins, and bot owners) will NEVER be able to use the bot to change/harm your server in any way, as all the commands they can use only change a player's stats in the bot's database.

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