Let's play guessing games together in Discord! Test your knowledge of anime, theme songs, characters, visual novels and video games.

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Play guess the anime and many other guessing quiz games directly in discord channels with your friends!

  • Thousands of anime, characters, VN's and video games available to guess!
  • Guess from images, video clips or audio fragments of songs.
  • Randomly picked captures makes no round ever the same.
  • Scoring system with leaderboards (all-time, weekly and your own custom leaderboards)
  • Multiple difficulty levels, so even new players can have fun.
  • Titles can be guessed in multiple languages.
  • …and much more!

After inviting RinBot you can use the /sg command to start a round. Some images and hints will be given and you can just type down the title of what you think is being shown in order to win!

Check out the /help command or the command list for a full list of commands.

For more information visit RinBot's website. You can configure RinBot after logging on the website, to customize her to the needs of your server.

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