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NuggetBot avatar


By Rubikscraft#0621

NuggetBot can notify you whenever a youtube or twitch streamer goes online, this will make sure all of your friends can watch the stream on time.

Mirai avatar


By Brussell#0660

Mirai has a set of commands to get information on Twitch channels. She can also be setup to notify a channel when a streamer goes live or updates their stream info.

TwitchBot avatar


By Akira#0007

TwitchBot is all about Twitch and its livestreams.

YouTube avatar


By ThatTonybo#0001

YouTube can alert you when a YouTuber goes live.

Trident avatar


By Jacz#5093

Trident can play live streams, thru the play command.

MusicalBot avatar


By IPv4#0001

A simple to operate musical streaming bot!

Lo-Fi avatar


By Rayy#1337

I picked up from YouTube video and play it as a stream.