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Mewbot avatar


By Dylee#6669

Mewbot includes an ever-growing Pokemon, Credits, and Shop market. Sell Pokemon either through direct trading or market listing, Buy items with your Credits to boost your Pokemon, enhance abilities to win Battles and more!

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By Pete#1928

The bot does include an economy system . View your balance by saying !coins and increase it by chatting or by completing different activities It also has rob , store , daiy weekly, monthly

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Discord Fast Food

By DetectiveHuman#1234

Discord Fast Food has an economic system which allows you to be able to give money to chefs. This way you earn money and are able to give it away to your favourite chefs.

Mantaro avatar


By Kodehawa#3457

Mantaro is currently the 2nd biggest currency-focused bot, with interactive games, profile and a bunch of ways to earn money!

Senpai avatar


By Yukine#8080

Senpai has Economy system and gambling features.

PikaGirl avatar


By PikaDude#0001

Has a full global economy (coins) where users earn coins and compete to be the richest player on Discord or in their server!

Dank Memer avatar

Dank Memer

By Melmsie#0001

Gambling, Stealing, Jobs, and much more! Come see why Dank Memer is also the fastest growing currency bot around!

dogecointipbot avatar


By greenbigfrog#4461

The users have a balance and can transfer them?

Marcus avatar


By Marc#7377

Marcus has a currency system based on the activity of a user. Currency is awarded, and can be spent on certain games the bot offers. Users can also earn currency through events in Marcus Lounge.

PenguBot avatar


By AdityaTD#5346

Has Global Economy called Snowflakes with which users can buy backgrounds, play games, send money to each other, etc.

Cafe avatar


By Kirb#0001

It is a clicker/incremental game bot

BeepBot avatar


By WHASonYT#0735

Get some Beep Bucks!

Purity 🐰 avatar

Purity 🐰

By dannypent#9681

Fully configurable economy: earn points from messages, daily commands, customize currency name, etc.

Sagiri avatar


By kiru#5845

She have a built-in economy system, you can exchange money & play games with it!

Casino Bot avatar

Casino Bot

By FireGamer3#0001

Global economy that goes wherever you go

Skyra avatar


By kyra#0001

Skyra features an economy system tied to the social one, you can get money twice a day and spend it gambling or buying banners for your profile.

PokeBot avatar


By Kuroi#9408

We have our own economy system, and we're also working with discoin!

LewdBot avatar


By Fabricio20#5913

LewdBot has a currency system called Cookies, which allows the user to purchase custom profile items and spend on some games.

Gami avatar


By Dr. Ari Gami#0001

Gami has a small global economic system.

Luki avatar


By MrSheldon#0001

Economy Module

Randomer avatar


By wwww#0520

The bot has it's own economy system with rolesetup and other stuff.

RainbowBot avatar


By Pascal#1234

Währungs-System Commands: $konto [Optional: @User] - Zeigt deinen Kontostand an $überweisung @User <Betrag> - Sende Geld an jemanden $geld +/-/set @User <Betrag> - Ändert den Kontostand eines Users $währung <Neue Währung>

✘ Fun avatar

✘ Fun

By ✘ Zero#0154

The bot has currency systems which you can use to make your server more enjoyable and entertaining. The currency systems work with chat activity and that can make your server more active.

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By The Double-Eyed Bus#6889

As a member of Discoin, this bot allows you to use your money on other participating bots too!

Abayro 🌟 avatar

Abayro 🌟

By NourEldien#8007


Pikacord avatar


By Arkarceus#2297

It has its currency Pikacoin!

Mewna avatar


By amy#0001

Has economy commands

Dice avatar


By PizzaFox#0075

A general purpose utility bot, with an economy, video game stats, moderation tools, and lots of other features.

Watchdog Bot avatar

Watchdog Bot

By Derpy ᴰᵉᵛ ⚒#6633

to this bot have this commands /bal, /pay, /work, daily

PewDiePie avatar


By A Discord User#4063

You can work by running t.shovel and there's shop commands to buy roles from.