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NuggetBot avatar


By Rubikscraft#4822

NuggetBot has tons of reaction images to spice up conversations. For example, "dab", "cry" and "dance".

Mantaro avatar


By Kodehawa#3457

Profile system, interactive currency which requires social interaction, reputation.

Dank Memer avatar

Dank Memer

By Melmsie#0001

This bot is likely to increase server activity 100x, once users start using image generation commands to warp, magik, and trigger each other. Better yet, they can use the currency to steal from each other. Creates interesting dynamics!

Marcus avatar


By Marc#7377

Marcus allows users to "punch", "slap", and do other things to users in the server, to further enhance conversations with friends.

Slav Bot avatar

Slav Bot

By MerriemWeebster#2653

Has a large response system and can be a huge help in community engagement.

Kayuna avatar


By Salem ⛧#1853

Commands for interacting with other users, etc.

MagiBot avatar


By T0TProduction#0001

queue for things like karaoke, profiles, salt reporting, ranking and saltking role

PenguBot avatar


By AdityaTD#5346

Global Leaderboards, Reputation Points, etc.

Rock Puppy avatar

Rock Puppy

By Ryan#5872

The main center of this bot is Gaia Online.

YouTube avatar


By ThatTonybo#0001

Provide quick information about YouTube resources in chat with just a reaction, search content, or even see what's trending on

Roleplayer avatar


By Spider#5879

My bot will hopefully bring people together through roleplay!

Skyra avatar


By kyra#0001

Skyra features global and local (per-guild) scoreboards where you get the points by talking.

TwitchBot avatar


By Akira#8185

View information about channels and streams on the Twitch social media website.

PixelBOT avatar


By jas777#5796

User profiles

Casino Bot avatar

Casino Bot

By FireGamer3#0001

A fully featured Discord Casino! With a fully featured economy, blackjack, slots, marketplace, crates, and more!

Luki avatar


By MrSheldon#0001

Profiles module

Restarter v2 avatar

Restarter v2

By IPv4#0001

Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.

Mr. Robøt avatar

Mr. Robøt

By Thomasbnt#1308

Commande de bienvenues `_bvn` et le robot souhaite la bienvenue par défaut quand un joueur/utilisateur arrive sur le serveur.

✘ Protect avatar

✘ Protect

By ✘ Zero#0154

The bot is user-friendly and you can contact the bot's staff at any time.

✘ Fun avatar

✘ Fun

By ✘ Zero#0154

The bot has features like auto-responses that make it able to respond to some specific words. It also has a chat-reviving system which makes it even more social.

Abayro 🌟 avatar

Abayro 🌟

By NourEldien#8007

Profile command

Mewna avatar


By amy#0001

Chat levels, chat-emote commands (without giant GIF spam..), user profiles, ...

Fox avatar


By Akemi#2314

Twitter and Spotify trackers included (note: the Spotify command takes info from your discord status)

MusicalBot avatar


By IPv4#0001

A simple to operate musical streaming bot!

DisWorld avatar


By IPv4#0001

A Discord guild ambient life simulation!

Titan avatar


By EndenDragon#1337

Enables your site to allow your visitors to chat with you directly on Discord.

Hidoki avatar


By Guysmow btw#0666

Love your friend

SolidBot avatar


By Roki_100#0230

Solidbot is Multi-Bot with 110+ commands, now is in BETA, allows to bump your server,play/download music,check fortnite stats and many more!

Custom Badges avatar

Custom Badges

By Sir Villarroel#5370

Upload your own/custom badges and assign them to your users.

YouTube bot avatar

YouTube bot

By HiiZun#0001

you have some random commands fun