An all-purpose bot with games, fun, moderation, economy, and utility features.

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  • Contributors: kostis#9358
  • Tested by: AGgammer#9844

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Gradient is an all-purpose bot with many useful features and commands, including music, fun, moderation, economy, and utility categories. It is created with a simple goal: being the only bot needed for your Discord server.

Getting Started

  • Gradient's default prefix is ., but you can set the prefix for your server if you wish.
  • Mention the bot in Discord (@Gradient) any time to view its prefix.
  • Use .help to get started and view a list of all the bot's categories. Use .help [category] to view a list of commands in that category.
  • If you're unsure about how to set up the bot on your server, you can follow this guide.


All commands can be found here.

  • Lolprofile: Gets information about a player's League of Legends profile.
  • Duel: Plays a duel with the bot.
  • Lock: Locks down a channel/role, preventing them from sending any messages.
  • Meme: Gets a random meme from r/dankmemes or r/memes.
  • Trivia: Gives you a random question to answer.
  • Logs: Sets up a log system on your server to log a variety of actions.
  • Starboard: Sets up a starboard system on your server to store popular messages with a certain amount of reactions.
  • Userinfo: Gets information about yourself or another user.
  • Serverinfo: Gets information about your server.
  • Qrcode: Creates a scannable QR code for a phrase/link.
  • Translate: Translates a phrase from one language to another.

Help and Support

  • To get instructions on setting up Gradient, view a list of all of Gradient's commands, and learn more about Gradient, you can visit the website.
  • This bot is still a work in progress, meaning that updates will occur frequently. However, the bot may be prone to bugs and errors and may go offline for unexpected maintenance breaks.
  • If you have any problems using the bot, use .ticket to file a support ticket, join the support server, DM me at WozardLozard#3956, or email me at [email protected] if the issue cannot be addressed via the previous two methods.

Additional Information

By using the bot, you have read, understood, and agree to the rules and the privacy policy.

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