A highly customizable free birthday Discord Bot.

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Birthday Bot

A highly customizable free birthday Discord Bot.

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Developed by Stqlth.


The following are commands for BirthdayBot. To run a command, prefix the command with bday , for example bday help or @BirthdayBot help.


  • help - View useful information about BirthdayBot.
  • help setup - View useful information on how to setup Birthday Bot.
  • help config - View useful information on how to configure Birthday Bot.
  • about - View information about BirthdayBot.
  • serverinfo - View information about your server.
  • settings - View your server's current configuration settings.
  • shard - View information about your current shard.

Server Configuration (Admins only)

  • SetBirthdayRole <@role/rolename> - Set a role to be the designated Birthday role.
  • SetChannel [#channel] - Set a channel to be the designated Birthday Channel.
  • SetTrustedRole <@role/rolename> - Set a role to be the designated Trusted role.
  • CreateBirthdayRole - Create the default Birthday Role.
  • CreateChannel - Create the default Birthday Channel.
  • CreateTrustedRole - Create the default Trusted Role.
  • ClearBirthdayRole - Clears the Birthday Role (Effectively Disabling this feature).
  • ClearChannel - Clears the Birthday Channel (Effectively Disabling this feature).
  • ClearTrustedRole - Clears the Trusted Role (Effectively Disabling this feature).
  • config trusted preventMessage <true/false> - Should the bot only send birthday messages for people with the trusted role.
  • config trusted preventRole <true/false> - Should the bot only give the birthday role for people with the trusted role.
  • config mentionSetting <everyone/here/@role/rolename/disable> - Who/What role should the bot mention when the birthday message is sent.
  • config messageTime <0-23> - What time should the birthday message be sent at.
  • config setMessage - Set the a custom birthday message for your server. Use "@Users" in the message to be replaced with the user's who's birthday it is.
  • config resetMessage - Set the birthday message to it's default value.


  • setbday <day>, <month>, <year>, <gmt offset> - Set your birthday.
  • next - View the next birthday in your current guild.
  • view <name> - View a user's birthday.
  • invite - Invite Birthday Bot to your discord.
  • support - Join the Birthday Bot support server.


For additional help contact Stqlth#0001 or join the support server here.

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