Adding cats, dogs, donuts, and more to your server just got way easier with Wellness.

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Breathe. Deeply.

With Wellness, you've got a built in breathing exercise that you can do anytime, with a simple command.

If it's cute, it's probably here.

Wellness serves more than 12 different types of animals and 2 types of foods. Don't see what you like? Request it to be added in the support discord.

Don't forget to care for yourself.

Wellness offers reminders for up to 30 days in advance, so you can schedule reminders to breathe, take your meds, catch up on another bot's economy features, and more.

Involve your friends…

Not only can you request images in your own chat, but you can send them to anyone in your server easily.

…or prevent yourself from getting involved.

If you don't like being directly delivered images, no worries - just disable and re-enable it at any time with a simple command.

And yes, Wellness is verified too.

Try it out today by adding it to your server, or visit the website to learn more.

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