Merlin - the FIRST AND ONLY public bot with a Klingon dictionary and provably random number generation! A unique bot with multiple unique features created for fun.

General Utility Fun


Probably the most unique bot on Discord*.

  • The FIRST AND ONLY** public provably random bot!
  • The FIRST AND ONLY** public Klingon bot!
  • The FIRST AND ONLY** public High Valyrian bot!


It's easy to get started - just invite the bot and type ::help to get all the commands sent to your DMs! :​)

We want to make the very best bot for you. Come join Sorcerertech's Discord Server, and give us feedback - feature requests, improvements - anything's welcome!

Check out all the commands here.

* - meaning the bot that has the most unique commands out of all the bots on a public bot list

** - first and only meaning first and only bot with this feature on a public bot list

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Submitted: 05/24/2019

Approved: 05/24/2019

Edited: 11/03/2019

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