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Bringing the best of YouTube straight into your Discord server, and way more!


Command prefix: "yt " or @YouTube

Submitted: Sep 27, 2018 10:20 PM

Edited: Oct 17, 2018 7:49 PM

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"One of the best, biggest, and most featured-packed YouTube Discord bots on the platform."

YouTube is, as the name suggests, a YouTube-based Discord bot. It's features vary, providing a wide array of utilities for everyone. From video, channel and playlist information (with both wide searching and direct support), to lyrics, trending videos on, and even a utility to alert you when any channel uploads, what more could you want – trusted in nearly 2,500 servers!

The bot started as a small project in June 2018, to prove the API wasn't hard to use. After a month, the bot died at about 500 servers, and didn't recieve any maintenance until the end of September 2018, when it was rebooted to be at over 1,800 servers. Now sharded and on v2, YouTube is better than ever!

Commands Available

Here's a list of all the commands available:

Name Description Usage
help Shows a list of commands, as well as usage information. "help [command/alias]"
about View metrics about the bot, as well as information and statistics. "about"
ping Check websocket latency to Discord and message roundtrip times. "ping"
shard View information about the shard your server is on. "shard"
trending Get the top 6 trending videos off YouTube for the US. Country suport soontm. "trending"
video Peform a search for a YouTube video, via name, URL or ID. "video <query/url/id>"
playlist Peform a search for a YouTube playlist, via name, URL or ID. "playlist <query/url/id>"
channel Peform a search for a YouTube channel, via name, URL or ID. Vanity URLs aren't supported. "channel <query/url/id>"
lyrics Get lyrics to a song, from a song name or partial lyrics. "lyrics <mode ('name'/'partial')> <query>"

Arguments in <> are required, arguments in [] are optional, and arguments in {} represent a user-defined option, ie. prefix.

Prefixes are usually shown as {p}, which can be replaced by yt <command> or @YouTube <command>.