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YouTube, meet Discord. Bringing rich integration, and a wide array of content right into your server!


Command prefix: yt, @mention

Submitted: Sep 27, 2018 10:20 PM

Edited: Dec 9, 2018 6:59 PM

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An original description, they say?

YouTube is the #1 Discord bot for, you guessed, YouTube! It brings the absolute best into your server; full information and statistics on-demand, lyrics, mixes, random videos and loads more for you to roll in.

Created with you in mind.

We've crafted YouTube from the ground up, our goal to provide the very best of YouTube in Discord. Every single feature in the bot is made to be universally awesome, and we're always pumping more awesome in!

Full to the brim with 'tube.

From videos, channels and playlists, to trending videos and lyrics, going all the way to our own fork of YouTube Mixes, this bot is designed to bring the best, deliver the best, and be cool. As the developer (me talking!), I listen to requests, and will add any features wanted if asked; just shoot me a message @ ThatTonybo#0001.

And loads more! YouTube is constantly being expanded, it's hopes to become the largest and most loved, as well as most used bot for YouTube like, since forever. Support that by inviting ❤️