Discord bot made for graphic designers and artists, with various utilities/tools and help.

General Utility

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For a full commands list and more information, visit website.

The bot is usable, but still in early development, so there may be bugs.
There's more features under way. Website not yet done.

Getting started

Use +help to get an overview of commands.
Prefix can be changed with +setting prefix <prefix here>
It's recommended to check and set the +setting's first.
Use +<command> ? to get information and syntax on a command.

Features so far

  • Color info / conversion (+ preview)
  • PPI / Real life size / Pixels calculation
  • General units conversion
  • Colour contrast checker (+ preview)
  • Image watermarker
  • Icon finder
  • Stock image finder (Pending API approval to be enabled)
  • lmgtfy (Let Me Google That For You)
  • Stock texture finder

Bot features

  • Alias — get aliases of a command.
  • Help — list of commands and how to access help on specific ones.
  • Settings: (+setting)
    • Disable channel(s)
    • Disable command(s)
    • Customizable prefix
    • Permission: Allow user with X role, or X role + all roles above it to use bot.
  • Invite — gives a link to invite the bot to a guild
  • Info — brief information about the bot itself and who the author is

Features roadmap

List in expected priority:

  • Icon finder (Finished 15 June 2019)
  • Stock image finder (Finished 23 June 2019)
  • Stock texture finder (Finished 11 July 2019)
  • Logo library
  • Web-panel integration
  • Font finder
  • … and more stuff.
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Submitted: Jun 9, 2019 12:17 AM

Edited: Jul 10, 2019 10:30 PM