Mirai Bot Small Update: Music Fixes

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Saturday, November 27, 2021 3:25 PM


Hey everyone, Brussell here. I've got a rare Mirai Bot update for you. This one fixes some old music issues and does a small amount of modernization. The notable changes are listed below.

  • Music
    • Updated Lavalink
      • Should make SoundCloud links work again
      • Added ytmsearch: to search music only
    • Updated Redis library
      • Fixes a common error that broke some of the commands
    • Added support / fixed caching logic for queueing a playlist from a video/index
    • Changed music player restoration on startup to run when a cluster itself is ready instead of when every cluster is ready
    • mm.volume
      • Changed the maximum volume from 80 to 20
      • Changed the default volume for Pro players to 10
  • m.inrole
    • Now uses mentions
  • m.info
    • Updated responses with more info and removed some useless stuff
      • Changed role names to mentions
    • Added check for if the mentioned channel exists
  • Welcome messages
    • Reduced max length to 1750

Project status update: I'm not really doing much personal work anymore. Lost interest and started a job where I actually earn good money instead of working essentially for free on this stuff. I am however interested in modernizing Mirai with buttons, selects, inputs, and modal/forms when they're all released. We'll see how much work that ends up being. Another thing is that Discord wants to force me to rewrite all of Mirai to use slash commands and not be able to read messages, and that is not something I want to deal with. We'll see how that goes.

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