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Sunday, May 30, 2021 2:01 AM(Updated Sunday, May 30, 2021 2:30 PM)


After many busy months I've finally finished putting together the new update for Bots on Discord. Bot owners (and editors) can now post things directly on the site. Posts are something I've wanted to bring to the bot list for a long time. The initial release is missing a few things, but I think you'll like them. Some other small additions and improvements have been made, and can learn about some of them below.


Posts are markdown-powered articles that you can post under your bots for free. No need to set up your own hosting. If you have a bot on the list (which you need to create posts) you should already be familiar with our markdown system, but if not you can check out the markdown guide. You can use these for anything related to your bots. Some ideas for what to post are update information, tutorials, and community showcases. All of your posts will show up on your bot page(s), and you can post them in your Discord servers. Once your post is created you can see how many people have read it with the view counter. The related bots will also be shown at the end of the post for readers to learn more. Here's a screenshot of what the post creation page looks like:

Screenshot of the post creation page

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You may have also noticed the new "News" page. This page showcases the posts people are reading and the newest posts on the site. This page will likely undergo some improvements in the future, and I hope you'll share your feedback with me to help make it better. To allow your posts to be shown on the News page you must enable the "Allow my post to be promoted" option. This will place an ad on the page to help keep Bots on Discord running.

Whether you're a bot owner or not, I hope you'll find posts useful. I have more planned for the future, but it all depends on your feedback. Some things are simple, such as showing posts on user pages, and adding search to the website. Another more complicated one I think some people might like is the ability to use Discord webhooks to have posts automatically sent to them for certain bots. I could also give bot owners more detailed analytics, such as referring websites or Google Analytics integration, if that's something they want.

What Else


Google search result with rating and price

Some pages now have more embedded data using JSON-LD. This allows search engines and other tools to obtain more data about pages and what's in them. For example, bots should now have their rating shown on Google.

Submit and Edit Pages

Every day people would come to the Discord server complaining that they can't submit their bots, despite the message given to them. A few minor improvements have been made to the submit and edit pages, one of them being that the message now reads "Submissions are currently closed, you may only resubmit bots. Check back later" in red text. Hopefully they'll read and understand it now. I also fixed the admin permission warning not always working, and added stars(*) to the inputs that are required.

Styled Markdown Containers

Markdown containers, like the one used to create the image paragraph above, can now be styled. Previously they didn't work with the attributes plugin the markdown engine uses. To counter this I've allowed a style parameter to be placed at the end of the first line of the block. For an example see the markdown guide's "danger" container.

Transfer Bots

Transferring bots to another account on Bots on Discord is now possible. I could do this before, but it was entirely manual, which was annoying to do. I added a function on the admin panel to handle this, so if you ever need your bot transferred to another account just contact me on Discord. Unfortunately changing the bot id itself is not easy due to a limitation in how the data is stored, but if you lose your bot you have bigger problems than that.

Improved navbar user dropdown

The user dropdown on the navbar has been reorganized to group relevant links together and to use dividers. (It's the little things)

Thank you for using Bots on Discord! If you have a bot listed here I encourage you to try out Posts and give your feedback.

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