™ DarkMan

Created by ! Ki1 - Dark Man#0001

Musicium Help Version: v2.8 PREFIX: % %filter Set Audio - Effects %loop Toggle music loop %lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song %nowplaying Show current song %pause Pause the currently playing music %play Plays song from YouTube/Stream %queue Show the music queue and now playing. %radio Play a Radiostation %remove Remove song from the queue %resume Resume currently playing music %search Search and select videos to play %shuffle Shuffles the current Queue! %skip Skip the currently playing song %skipto Skip to the selected queue number %stop Stops the music %volume Change volume %botlist Gives you the botlists of the Bot %help Gives you a list of all help Commands %invite Gives you an invite %ping Gives you the ping of the Bot %prefix Sets a server specific Prefix %uptime Gives you the uptime of the Bot

This list doesn't have any bots! How boring...

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