@Farah | فرح 🇰🇼#0007

Created by farah#2204

ssearch Search and select vidos to play sshuffle Shuffles the current Queue! sskip Skip the currently playing song sskipto Skip to the selected queue mumber sstop stops the music svolume change volume Shelp Gives you a list of ali hilp commands Sinvite Gives you an invite sping Gives you the ping of the Bot Sprefix Sets a server specific prefix Suptime Gives you the uptim of the Bot Commands List Version v2.8 PREFIX:s sfiter SetAudio-Effectc Sloop Toggle music loop Slyrics Get lyrics for the currently playng song Sonwplayng Show current song Spause Pause the cnrrently music Sply Plays song from You Tuobe/strem Squeue Show the music queue and now plyang Sradio Play a Radiostation Sremove Ramove song from the queue sresume Resume currently plaing msic

This list doesn't have any bots! How boring...

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