Created by LuckyTarget#5119

⭐Bot Settings prefix > change bot's prefix

⭐Welcome Auto Role set-autorole > Set an auto assign role on join del-autorole > Remove the auto assigne role

⭐Anti Link System antilink-enable > Enables the Anti Link System antilink-disable > Disabled the Anti Link System

⭐Welcome System delwelcome > Deletes the welcome channel delbye > Deletes the bye message channel setwelcome > Sets a welcome channel to (welcome) new members setbye > Sets A Bye channel to (bye) members that left the server welcomechannel > checks the set channel

⭐Logs/Events System dellogs > Deletes the Log channel setlogs > Sets A Log channel to track all member moves logschannel > checks the set channel

⭐Invite Manager invitesettinggs, invitetop, inviteinfo, inviteplayer

⭐Admin Commands mute > Mute a user unmute > Unmute a user ban > Ban a user kick> Kick a user close > Close Channel purge > Purge Messages slowmode > Set Slowmode embed > Send Embed Messages announce > Announce Messages lockdown > Locks the current channel to prevent spammer/maintenance

⭐Information Commands botinfo > Bot Information userinfo > User Information serverinfo > Server Information coronastats > Covid>19 Statistics

⭐Fun Commands delete, jail, brazzers, wanted, wasted, hug, gif, kiss, hack, 8ball, wink, howgay, imagine, dankrate, stankrate, greentext, gamerrate, catfact, foxfact, dogfact, birdfact, catimage, dogimage, pandaimage, slap, grey, sepia, invert, avatar, achievement, coinflip, rpc, dice

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