An Easy-To-Use Multi-Purpose Bot that has features such as Moderation, Utilities, Auto-Stuffs, Leveling and more.

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Preserver has different features such as Fun, Leveling, Role Management, Custom Prefixes and more that can be modified using commands.

Note: You can check all information about a certain command via executing the command [prefix]help [command name]

Type of Commands:

  • Public Commands

Command Description
8ball Randomly answers your questions.
afk Shows that you are Away From Keyboard (AFK).
avatar Shows the avatar of a user mentioned or the author himself/herself.
botinfo Shows the all information about the bot.
cooldown Shows the cooldown of a certain command.
daily Gives the executor random amount of points. Note that you can only use this command once a day.
donate Directs you to the donate link of Preserver.
help Shows all available commands of Preserver.
invite Shows the invite link and support server of the bot.
ping Shows the ping/latency of the Preserver.
rank Shows the rank of a user mentioned or the author.
serverinfo Shows the information about the server.
status Shows the status of the bot.
whois Shows WHO IS this user. Shows all information about a certain user or the author.
  • Fun Commands

Command Description
jumble A game command that allows you to analyze the jumbled word to get points.
score Shows the score of a user in all games.
top Shows the leaderboard for Jumble Game.
  • Donator Commands

Command Description
remindme Reminds you something in a certain amount of time.
weekly Weekly command for donators that gives random amount of xp.
  • Moderator Commands

Command Description
ban Bans a user.
clearwarn Clear all warnings of a user
infractions Shows the list of warns of a user.
kick Kicks a user.
mute Mutes a user for a certain amount of time.
purge Deletes messages not older than 14 days.
temporaryban Temporarily bans a user.
unban Unbans a banned user.
unmute Unmutes a muted user.
warn Warns a user
  • Administrator Commands

Command Description
autoleave Sets a custom message for every member that leaves the guild.
autolist Shows all list of auto message of the guild. (Auto-leave, Auto-welcome, etc…)
autowelcome Sets a custom message for every member that joins the guild.
logmessage Sets a custom log message for every moderation command that got used.
rolecount Shows the number of users that has a certain role.
roleusers Shows the users that has a certain role.
setautorole Sets a custom role that is given to users that joins the guild.
setchannelname Sets or Changes the channel name.
setprepfix Sets a custom prefix for the certain guild.
settopic Sets or Changes the channel topic.

Additional Information!

  • To be caught up about the updates for Preserver. Just join our support server. All updates and all information are in the server so make sure to check it out.

Note: To have access to Donator Commands, you can Donate to use which will help us with continuing our project and will give you access to more features that are not listed above.


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Submitted: 06/10/2020

Resubmitted: 07/17/2020

Approved: 07/25/2020

Edited: 07/17/2020

Tip: Be careful what permissions you give bots. Only give them the permissions they need.