This bot creates and manages private voice channels in your Discord server. It will create a voice channel for each of your members' needs.

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PrivateVoice is a bot to create and manage private voice channels in your Discord server. With this bot, you don't have to create a voice channel for every members' needs. The bot does this for you by making (and cleaning up again) channels at the users demand.


The bot allows you to set many custom features.

  • Multiple channel naming presets and Custom Naming
    • Include Username, Highest role and Channel index
  • Set moderator roles that can always access PrivateVoice channels
  • Allow users to change their channel name
  • Automatic cleanup of glitched channels (handy for public discords with misbehaving users)
  • Toggle streaming and push to talk
  • Users can open/close their channel to users and roles and change the userLimit


Some amazing extra features for our amazing users!

  • Custom channel Naming
  • Multiple categories == Multiple 'Join to create' / 'LOBBY' channels
  • Quicker cleanup of channels your users glitched in
  • Many more to come!

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