Peeko is a new bot with a bunch of random image, utility and fun commands! I hope it can serve you well!

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Hello, I'm Peeko!

Peeko Logo

I'm a Discord bot, and I offer a wide selection of commands with random images, utility, and lots more 😄

Some of my commands include:

Encode your text in binary with p?binary [text]

Get a random photo of a cat in a maid costume with p?catmaid

Get the Astronomy Picture Of The Day with p?apod

Marry your friends with p?marry [user]

Get a random meme with p?meme

Determine what anime a screenshot is from with p?whatanime [attachment]

And many, many more! You can see a full list of my commands by doing p?help


Peeko leaves my server after I invite it!

It's likely that your server has too many bots on it compared to humans, a requirement of less than 75% bots is needed, but you can always join the support server to talk about whitelisting!

The bot is offline!

That should happen very rarely, as Peeko's hosted on a robust and trusted hosting service called Heroku. If the bot is offline, please wait until it's back online or join the support server 😄

A command I executed gave me an error!

Errors happen time to time, and the message given whenever one occurs should include information on why the error was thrown. If you're unsure why it occurred, join the support server and ask an Administrator!

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Submitted: 06/28/2020

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Approved: 08/18/2020

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