Carrot Bot v1.0.1 - The newest discord tycoon bot. Farm carrots to sell them, make money and buy tools! Can you become the best of the best? Try it out!

General EconomyFun

CarrotBot is a bot focused on an economy based tycoon. You need to make money by selling carrots. By selling carrots for money, you can buy tools/items. With these tools/items your carrot quality can improve, which will make your carrots more worth. If you finally have enough money, you can go to the Golden Dimension. A new dimension with new tools, and more! CarrotBot also has some fun commands to try out.


Economy Commands:

*carrot - Receive 1 - 5 carrots (more if you bought a hoe)

*shop - Open up the shop menu

*buy - Buy an item from the shop

*sell - Sell all your carrots for money

*gamble - Gamble a chosen amount of your money

*daily - receive your daily rewards (Requires golden dimension)

Fun Commands:

*hello - CarrotBot greets you back in a friendly way

*ping - play an epic ping pong battle

*8ball - For all your yes/no questions

*why - Get answers to all your questions

*gayrate - Rates how gay someone is

General commands:

*register - Register as a user to start playing

*profile - Shows you your profile and statistics

*help - Opens up the help menu.

*info - gives you info about something

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