Kneesocks-Bot is a bot that gets Images from Kneesocks and various other NSFW Categorys such as Ahegao or League of Legends from Danbooru

General Anime NSFW


A bot to get images from Anime-Girls in Kneesocks


This is my first Discord Bot in Discord.js and im happy to say i finished it with a bit of help ❤️ Im still learning and started Discord.js today the 3rd March 2020 and finished it in not even 9 Hours.


The Bot posts Images from Danbooru. At the Moment you can only use Kneesocks (obv) and Ahegao. And you can grab the Avatar of someone.


The Prefix of the Bot is *


  • *sahegao - Post a random SFW Ahegao Image from Danbooru
  • *kneesocks - Post a random Kneesocks Image from Danbooru
  • *avatar @User - Posts the Avatar of the User


  • *ahegao - Posts a NSFW Ahegao Image from Danbooru
  • *dicks - Posts a Dick Image from Danbooru
  • *yaoi - Posts a Yaoi Image from Danbooru
  • *league - Get some League of Legends Hentai ^^ :3
  • *yuri - Posts a Yuri Image from Danbooru
  • *couple - Posts a Couple Image from Danbooru
  • *solo - Posts a Solo Image from Danbooru

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Submitted: 03/24/2020

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