Kneesocks-Bot is a bot that gets Images from Danbooru. It can also grab Avatars, make Pastebins and soon more!

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A bot to get images from Anime-Girls in Kneesocks and more


This is my first Discord Bot in Discord.js and im happy to say i finished it with a bit of help ❤️ Im still learning and started Discord.js today the 3rd March 2020 and finished it in not even 9 Hours.


The Bot posts Images from Danbooru, make Pastebins and will do more soon! And you can grab the Avatar of someone.


The Prefix of the Bot is -k

For all Commands use -k help

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Prefix: -k

Submitted: 03/24/2020

Resubmitted: 03/26/2020

Approved: 03/26/2020

Edited: 09/09/2020

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