The most jam-packed bot providing accurate information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease through channel counters, automated feeds and many commands.

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The most jam-packed bot providing accurate information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease through channel counters, automated feeds and many commands.
Help command is: !help OR @COVID Bot

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This bot requires the base permissions: Embed Links, Send Messages and Read Messages.
Other commands may require more permissions, and will be listed below.

  • !advice

    Get some random advice from many infographics on the virus from the World Health Organisation.
    Alias: !fact

  • !command

    Toggle if a command is disabled or enabled in this server.
    Usage: !command [command name]
    !command help
    !command reports
    User requires: Manage Server

  • !compare

    Compare two countries.
    Usage: !compare [first country], [second country]
    !compare USA, China
    !compare UK, Russia

  • !continent

    View general information on the continents (excluding Antarctica).
    Usage: !continent [continent]
    !continent Oceania
    !continent Africa
    !continent Europe

  • !counter

    Create a voice channel that automatically updates to general or a country statistics.
    Usage: !counter [statistic] [general or country]
    !counter deaths general
    !counter active general
    !counter cases USA
    !counter deathrate UK
    User requires: Manage Channels

  • !country

    View virus information in a specific country.
    Usage: !country [country]
    Alias: !c
    !country USA
    !country Italy
    !country China

  • !county

    View statistics on a United States of America area, county, or city in a state.
    Usage: !county [US state] [area or county or city]
    Alias: !city
    !county Michigan Midland
    !county Texas Hardin

  • !delfeed

    Delete an automated feed in the channel.
    Usage: !delfeed [general or country]
    User requires: Manage Messages

  • !feed

    Setup an automated feed that sends general or a country's statistics on the virus every two hours.
    Usage: !feed [general or country]
    !feed general
    !feed USA
    User requires: Manage Messages

  • !graph

    View the history of the virus in different graph types.
    Usage: !graph [general or country] [optional: linear or logarithmic]
    !graph general
    !graph USA
    !graph logarithmic

  • !help

    Get help on the bot.
    Usage: !help [command]

  • !history

    Get statistics on the virus in a country or generally of the past 7 days.
    Usage: !history [general or country]
    !history general
    !history USA
    !history China

  • !invite

    Get the invite link for the bot.

  • !news

    Get the latest trending news on the virus.

  • !predict

    View predictions of virus growth in general or in a country.
    Usage: !predict [general or country]
    !predict general
    !predict USA
    !predict Russia

  • !prefix

    Change the bot's prefix from the default, "!".
    Usage: !prefix [new prefix]
    !prefix ?
    User requires: Manage Server

  • !protection

    Get the latest protection measures against the new coronavirus.
    Alias: !symptoms

  • !reddit

    Get the latest hot posts from r/coronavirus.

  • !region

    Get statistics on a region smaller than a country.
    Usage: !region [region]
    !region Quebec
    !region Queensland

  • !reports

    Get the latest situation reports from the World Health Organisation.

  • !state

    View statistics for specific US states.
    Usage: !state [US state]
    !state Washington
    !state Florida

  • !stats

    Get global statistics on the virus.
    Alias: !general

  • !top

    Get the top 10 countries ranking in cases, recovered and death totals (or different statistical types).
    Usage: !top [optional: statistical type]
    !top DeathRate
    !top Active

  • !topic

    Provide a topic on the virus and get relevant information.
    Usage: !topic [coronavirus topic]
    Alias: !ask
    !topic Using masks
    !topic Social distance

  • !yesterday

    Shows yesterday's statistics of a country or in general.
    Usage: !yesterday [general or country]
    !yesterday US
    !yesterday Italy

Available countries, USA states and regions

(There are too many to list!)

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