A bot designed to help artists find the inspiration they need by offering over 650 original drawing prompts.

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Are you the owner or an admin of an art-related Discord server? If so, I’d love to offer you my Art Prompts Discord bot to add to your server.

With the bot, your members will be able to access over 650 unique, original art prompts by typing a single command, !artprompt.

Your members will also be able to choose from six different categories of prompts, including Animals, People, Places, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror, by simply adding the name of the category after the command. For example, typing !artprompt horror would give you one of the 100+ horror prompts the bot can access.

The Art Prompts Discord bot, of course, runs 24/7, with a short period of time reserved for updates every once in a while (at a maximum of a few minutes every week).

The bot features six main commands:

  • !artprompt will give you a randomly selected prompt from the whole pool of 650+ prompts.

  • !artprompt animals / people / places / fantasy / sci-fi / horror will give you a randomly selected prompt from the selected category.

  • !artprompt colors will generate 3 - 5 random colors to be used in a drawing.

  • !artprompt emoji will send 3 randomly chosen emojis to inspire you.

  • !artprompts count will say the current number of prompts the bot has access to (new ones are added every week).

  • !artprompts or !aphelp will give you the command list.

To support the further development of Art Prompts, every prompt given by the bot has a 3% chance of linking to one of the other Art Prompts projects - more info on the website.

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