FUN AND FACTS! • GIF interactions with other members • Discord-special Truth or Dare game • 37,000+ historical facts • Live tracking map for the International Space Station • Coronavirus stats country by country and more!

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  • About PixxieBot

  • Run the -help command to get help and info about the bot.
  • Set your own server prefix with -prefix [new].
  • Join our support server for help and to ask for new features and post your suggestions! We love hearing your feedback!




  • Play -truthordare with friends! Written specially for Discord!
  • Over 50 funny GIF interactions with other server members (browse the list using -help).
  • Roast your friends with a random -roast from a list of 200 funny and nasty roasts.
  • Use cute, weird, funny and NSFW pickup lines on other server members with -pickup!
  • Post a funny Chuck Norris joke with -chuck!
  • Have a -bubblewrap popping race with your friends! First to post a screenshot of all the popped bubbles wins!



  • Get the latest Coronavirus stats for the globe or specific countries using -covid or -covid [country].
  • Use our database of 38,000 historic dates to get a random date and fact from a date in -history.
  • Get a list of the number of astronauts -inspace right now!
  • Get the current exact position of the International Space Station with the -iss command.
  • Get a random -drag queen profile from RuPaul's Drag Race.


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