Astronomy is what it sounds like, the bot takes your birth date and gives you information based on it.

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Astrology Bot

What's my purpose?

  • To allow you to learn about your self
  • To help you learn about Astrology
  • To allow you to learn why you act certain ways & more

Is there more to the bot?

Yes, there is, the bot is constantly being updated since astrology is a thing that is being updated every second. If you find something wrong with the bot then please join the support server and let us know ❤️

How-To Guide

Where do you get commands for the bot? Well to get the bots commands you need to do a!help*

What can I find in the help command? The help command gives a list of all of the commands, for example a!api* will give you all of our public API points in which you can get information.

How do I change the prefix? Type a!prefix <newPrefix>* in your channel

Need help with the bot? Well join our support server

"*" - Prefix can be different so if "a!help" doesn't work then ping the bot and it will show the prefix.

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Submitted: 04/17/2020

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