An advanced math calculator with complex numbers, unit conversion, regression analysis, graphing, and more.

General Utility

Basic calculator usage

The most frequently used command is c-calculate, c-c for short. Type c-calculate followed by an expression to get the answer:

c-calculate 3*4 = 12

c-calculate (11-4)*2 = 14

You can declare variables and use them in later calculations. The special variable ans represents the result of the last calculation you made:

c-calculate x=5 = 5

c-calculate y=x^2 = 25

c-calculate ans = 25

c-calculate x+y = 30

You can also make multiple calculations at once (I wish this also appeared in red like all the other examples):

c-calculate 5^2


CalcBot supports a wide variety of functions and constants; you can find the full list here.

c-calculate sin(pi/2) = 1

c-calculate log(10) = 1

c-calculate ln(e) = 1

c-calculate log(8, 2) = 3

c-calculate sqrt(16) = 4

c-calculate root(6, 729) = 3

c-calculate sqrt(-4) = 2i

c-calculate 6! = 720

c-calculate phi = 1.618033988749895


  • Calculator (c-calculate) with complex number support, derivative / integral calculation (c-calculate derivative, c-calculate integral), root-finding (c-calculate newtonmethod), limit estimation (c-calculate limit), etc.
  • Linear / polynomial regression analysis with c-regression (c-regression linear / c-regression polynomial)
  • Render beautiful graphs with (c-graph quick or c-graph create)
  • Unit conversions with support for custom ratios (c-unitconvert / c-uc)
  • Polynomial and vector modules (c-polynomial, c-vector)
  • Other various commands, like c-chemistry and c-recollect to find recently deleted / edited messages
  • Run c-help for more information and examples for each command

CalcBot is constantly being developed! If you'd like to report an issue or suggest a feature, run c-featurerequest (which are publicly visible on my support server), c-anonfeaturerequest (your username will not be sent with the request) or message me directly at OOPLED#9848!

NOTE: If CalcBot does not respond to c-help upon invitiation, make sure CalcBot has permissions to send in the server / channel.

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