Paw Bot, for all your furry & utility needs.

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Paw Bot Features:

Over 58 useable commands. For more command information, use paw help [command/group/"all"].


paw or paw prefix to set the prefix.


  • 8ball Shake it!
  • birb Get a birb pic.
  • boop <user> Boop someone!
  • cat Get a cat pic.
  • corona [country] Get COVID-19 satistics.
  • cuddle <user> Cuddle someone!
  • e926 <tags> Search on e926.
  • fox Get a fox pic.
  • fursuit Get a fursuit pic.
  • hug <user> Hug someone!
  • kiss <user> Kiss someone!
  • lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • lick <user> Lick someone!
  • propose <user> Propose to someone!
  • shibe/dog Get a shibe pic.
  • ship <user> [other users] Ship someone x3
  • sneeze AChOO!!
  • avatar [user] Get a user's avatr url.
  • and more commands


  • bulge Get a bulge pic.
  • e621 <tags> Search on e621.
  • fuck <user> Fuck someone!
  • suck <user> Suck someone.
  • yiff ["straight"/"gay"] Get gay/straight yiff.
  • yaoi Literally yaoi.


  • purge <amount> [optional filter] Purge messages in a channel.
  • qotd <message> Creates a QoTD. Manage messages permission or QoTD Manager role required.


  • help [command/group] Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
  • prefix [prefix/"default"/"none"] Shows or sets the command prefix.
  • ping Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.
  • bot-info Get some information about the bot.
  • debug ["all"/"guild"/"user"] Debug.
  • server-info Get a very detailed amount of information of the server.
  • user-info <user> Get a very detailed amount of information of a user.

Levels, Economy, Points and XP

  • buy-golden-loot-crate Purchase & open a golden loot crate for $10,000 and open it.
  • buy-old-loot-crate Purchase & open a old loot crate for $50 and open it.
  • buy-platinum-loot-crate Purchase & open a platinum loot crate for $100,000 and open it.
  • buy-steel-loot-crate Purchase & open a steel loot crate for $1,000 and open it.
  • buy-wooden-loot-crate Purchase & open a wooden loot crate for $100 and open it.
  • daily Claim your daily reward.
  • donate <user> <amount> Donate some of your points to a user.
  • leaderboard ["all"/"server"/page number] Display the top users with the highest balance.
  • loot-crate Displays loot crate information.
  • lottery Purchase a lottery ticket for $25.
  • points [user] Check your balance.
  • vote Vote for the bot on
  • You can get from 2-30 points every 60 seconds for chatting in any server.
  • Points are global.

Customizable Settings

  • settings-announcements-channel [channel] Sets the announcements (i.e. levelup announcements) channel. Administrator only.
  • settings-language [language/"default"] Sets the bot's output language. Administrator only.
  • settings-logs [channel] Sets the logs channel. Administrator only.
  • settings-qotd-manager-role [role] Sets the QoTD Manager role. Administrator only.
  • settings-qotd-role [role] Sets the QoTD Ping role. Administrator only.
  • settings-toggle-announcements Toggles announcements on/off (i.e. level announcements, etc). Administrator only.
  • settings-toggle-unknown-command-response Toggles unkown command responses on/off.
  • settings-welcome-channel [channel/"default"/"none"] Sets the welcome message channel. Administrator only.

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