A bot with a wide range of commands. It is rapidly growing with new commands added all the time. Coded by Cxllm#2631

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Command Categories

This bot has a lot of features and is constantly growing. It has commands ranging from

  • Moderation
  • Information
  • Fun
  • Music
  • And other miscellaneous commands, listed on the help command


It is a bot based around getting the most of everything, and listening to ideas from the community to improve. We have commands dedicated to reporting bugs so you can make the Devs aware of a bug from any server. We also take suggestions from the community constantly and try and keep the bot as stable as we can. We keep the bot online mostly, with occasional downtime due to errors which are often fixed very quickly.

Getting Started

The default prefix is c! and the point of entry is c!help where you can see all the commands and how to use them



Corynth has a wide range of commands for all sorts of purposes, to suite any purposes.


Music has many more options than a generic music bot, including bassboosting, seeking, shuffling, playlist support and much more.


Fun has commands for image manipulation to change the way avatars look, or create memes. You can also browse some of your favourite subreddits via the Reddit commands.


Corynth has lots of other types of commands that don't come under a category, such as looking at a cute picture of an animal, or getting a random wallpaper, or completing a maths sum and so much more.


Corynth has many settings that you can configure, from the commands within the bot or from the dashboard. Many features can be configured such as welcome messages, the prefix, autoroles and more.


Corynth has many moderation commands to make a server easier to use for the users. To stop people talking in a channel you can lock it, to get rid of a certain amount of messages in a channel you can purge it, to change someone's nickname you can use the nickname command and much more


To ensure that there can be no abuse of the bot, there is security measures in place to make sure of that.

Ban, kick and other moderation commands

There are measures here to make sure no user without perms can use these commands


Commands with long outputs

To avoid spam, commands with long outputs are rate limited, the limit varying per command


Music Commands

When playing music, the bot does not let anyone not in the voice channel that the bot is in use commands like skip and play so they can't spam songs.


Reddit commands

Inside the bot, there are reddit commands which may cause some concern due to the nsfw content on reddit, but there is filters inside the commands to stop nsfw content being shown

Urban dictionary command

The urban dictionary can sometimes have some nsfw content on it so it is only usable inside nsfw channels


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Prefix: c!, configurable

Submitted: 01/16/2020

Resubmitted: 06/13/2020

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Edited: 06/13/2020

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