Generate messages and memes from your messages!

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GenAi is a bot that uses Markov chain to generate messages, based on messages written by members of guild. For example, if you wrote hello world and world of gamers, then GenAi can send hello world of gamers.

For privacy reasons, bot can read messages after you enable channel's messages reading (

You can generate

  • Messages
    • Regular messages
    • Dialogues
    • B*tthurts
  • Images
    • Rage comics
    • Demotivators
    • Jacque Fresco's quotes
    • Images with Lobster or Impact text
    • "when the" memes

You can configure

  • Removing mentions and links
  • Interval of "auto-generation" (send message every N message)
  • Change language of bot's system
  • Wipe all messages or messages with pattern from channel

You can view detailed information about a command with commandName

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